Best Self-Watering Planters

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Whether you're planning a day trip,a vacation, or just keep forgetting to water your plants, these self watering containers are the solution.  Click through to see them NOW...

Going out of town or away from your home for a few days?

One of the things that will worry you if you’re a gardener and you’re going to be away from home for a day or more is watering your plants. If you don’t have anyone to come in and water your plants, that will cause a problem.

Stop worrying about your plants drying up when you’re away or forgetting to water your precious plants — by using self watering planters.

These are also perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb or simply don’t have the time and luxury to consistently stick to a watering schedule.

What Is A Self Watering Planter?

A self watering planter or container is a watering system that uses a reservoir of water at the bottom.

This reservoir connects to a soil wick or foot.

With a soil foot system, the plants send their roots down into the foot then draw up the water they need, when they need it.

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This allows you to water them less frequently while still maintaining healthy plants. It also helps them to not be over watered and drown, since they essentially water themselves – as long as the bottom stays full.

I have used planters like this for years and I love them for everyday use. It cuts my watering time down and allows the plants to not get stressed out in the middle of a hot day because they have access to the water they need.

These planters mimic how the plants would get water if they were planted in the ground. They would reach deep into the ground when they need a drink and get it. That’s why these planters work so well.

Indoor Choices

3-Piece Self-Watering Pot

  • Gardenix Decor’s Self Watering Pots are crafted out of high-quality polypropylene, which is VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE, so you never have to worry about it leaking on your house decor and floors or indoor garden. Available in white, gray, purple, or teal, our pot’s colors are injected directly into the material, for LONG-LASTING, VIBRANT COLORS that are more FADE-RESISTANT in direct sunlight. African violet pot
  • These nested pot set features an inner plant holder with legs to LIFT YOUR HOUSE PLANTS UP AND OUT OF THE WATER, so they aren’t left sitting in a stagnant pool. With our flower pots or succulent pots, plants drink their water up through the pot’s legs only when they need it – NO OVERWATERING! Make great gifts for women, gifts for mom or grandma gifts. Great for african violet pot.
  • With the planter pots self-watering feature, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATER PLANTS FOR OVER 2 WEEKS! Our smart pots for plants also include a WATER LEVEL INDICATOR to take the guesswork out of watering, SO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHEN TO ADD WATER. And – just for fun – we’ve also added a special dial on top of each measuring valve, so you can MEASURE THE GROWTH of your plant and track its progress! TURN THAT BLACK THUMB INTO A GREEN THUMB! Comes with CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Made of 100% organic, coconut shell fibers, coco soil – also called coco coir or peat pellet– offers superior water retention and excellent drainage, meaning your house plant gets the IDEAL BALANCE OF OXYGEN AND WATER. Combine with regular soil for excellent pH regulation for your plants! Our plastic pots for plants each come with their own pellet of coco coir to help your PLANTS GROW FASTER AND HEALTHIER. No more root rot!
  • We’re plant people who know the joy and beauty plants bring to a home. We’ve designed our planters to function efficiently and self-sufficiently, to TAKE CARE OF YOUR PLANT EVEN WHEN YOU CAN’T. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your self watering pots for indoor plants and outdoor plants, simply reach out to us directly so we can make it right. Plastic Pots For Plants

Plastic Self Watering Planter

  • Self Watering – You don’t need to water your plants every day but just 1-2 time per week, effectively save your precious time.
  • Water Level Indicator – Scientifically let you know when and how much to water your plants, easy to care.
  • Plant’s Favourite – The unique passive hydroponic action creates the ideal balance of oxygen and water for plants, roots are able to sprawl and breathe freely without any obstruction so as to grow sturdily.
  • Impressive Gardening Gift – Classive color with simple design, white self watering plant pot great for displaying most plants and matching most home decorative styles well.
  • Pack of 4, Dimension: 7″ Diameter x 6.25″ Height; Note: Plants for demonstration purpose only, Not included.

Rectangular Plant Pot

  • [HIGH-QUALITY PLANTERS]: Self Watering Planters are made from 100% high-grade polyethylene, allowing for a long lasting fade-free performance.
  • [DOUBLE-LAYER STRUCTURE]: This plant pot with a double layer design, body and bottom base could be separated. The plant pot’s main part has several drainage holes at the bottom, you could easily know about the absorption of plant roots.
  • [SELF-WATERING FEATURE]: The main body with a bottom base creates a water reservoir, which could prevent over watering and insufficient irrigation. It also keeps plants healthy by supplying constant moisture and preventing nutrients loss.
  • [PECFECT WINDOW BOX SIZE]: Outside Dimensions: 15″L x 6″W x 6.5″H. Package Contain: 2 x Brown Rectangle Planter *** Plants Not included*** 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We are so confident in our products and services that we back them with a full 120 day money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • [Durable Use] The weather-proof and ultra-tough construction allow you to enjoy your window box all year long. Perfect for first-time gardeners, frequent travelers or plants growing in dry conditions. Also a great and practical gift for plant lover! This plant pots can be decorated for indoor, outdoor, living room, windowsill, patio, plant stands.

Mkono Self Watering Planter

  • Self watering planter ensures the plants take enough water they need for days, and you don’t have to water frequently. Up to 10 days or more of watering per fill. This clever wick pots can help you to care your plants when you go outside a couple days or on business.
  • The decoractive plant pot is made of quality PP plastic material, light weight but very durable for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for displaying African violets, herbs, golden devil’s ivy, ocean spider plants, etc. No plant includes in this item!
  • The beautiful shape with classic black and white match maked them suitable for home or office decoration. Set on any table, counter, or desk to bring natural beauty to your living place. It is a great gift for your friends who love planting.
  • Thanks to the double-layer design that allows excess water to be stored in the bottom of this planter pot and provided to your plant with wick rope. Please do not exceed the inner basket with a water level under 0.4 Inch when watering, it will cause plant death of waterlogging otherwise.
  • Size M: Inner basket diameter 3.9″. Open diameter 5.2″. Inner depth 3.2″ . height 5.4″. Mkono is a registered trademark and our product is professional manufacturing and sole selling.

Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter

  • The handy water level indicator lets you know when and how much to water your indoor house plants.
  • INCLUDES FIBER SOIL – All you need is a plant. Superior growing medium because roots breath better so all plants live longer. Works great for fickle plants like Herbs, African Violets and Succulents.
  • LESS WATERING – Watering is reduced to weeks instead of days. Now you can go on vacation and come back home to vibrant, alive plants.
  • PLANTS LOVE IT! – The Aquaphoric planter pot supplies constant water and plenty of root zone oxygen, which means lush growth, greater yields, and more flowers.
  • EASY & ELEGANT – Grow a lush indoor garden, no green thumb needed. Sleek lines and vibrant colors are sure to compliment any décor. Makes a great gift too!

Outdoor Planters

Glowpear Urban Garden Planter

  • Plants take what water they need when they need it due to the integrated self-watering system. Just top up the reservoir and your plants self-water. It’s so simple!
  • See what water is needed at a glance with the water level indicator.
  • No spills even when used indoors. The clip-on drip tray takes all the worry out of indoor use.
  • No bending required. Pick, prune and water your garden easily due to the raised design.
  • Sturdy, safe and scalable. The Urban Garden is made of injection-moulded HDPE, UV and corrosion resistant, BPA-free, and food-safe. Glowpear units can be ‘plugged in’ to each other, for easy, integrated watering and increased growing space.

Classico Self-Watering Garden Planter

  • CLASSICO Color is perfect for table and patio plants, indoors and out
  • Made in Germany of durable frost and UV resistant PP plastic for indoor or outdoor use
  • Self-Watering System features inorganic granulate compounds that provide the right amount of water to plant roots
  • Drainage plug to allows for the removal of excess rainwater when installed outdoors
  • A water-level indicator lets you know when it is time to refill the reservoir

Balconera Self-Watering Garden Planter

  • Discover the perfect way to bring your patio and balcony to life
  • Easy-to-use brackets fit into the back of the planter, making them an invisible support system
  • LECHUZA’s signature water reservoir supplies water to your plants as needed, extending the time between watering
  • The planter’s water-level indicator shows when the reservoir needs to be refilled
  • Features inorganic granulate compounds that provide the right amount of water to plant roots

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Hanging Planters

Nursery Self-Watering Planter

  • Comes in 3 beautiful colours with 6 hangers. Perfect for small succulent plants for indoor and outdoor use. Mix and Match basket colours and be creative! Show your plants some love with these self-watering planters! Can be used with or without the hangers as well!
  • The attached handles whichever way you would like for an instant hanging plant pot! Hang on an angle on the wall, or straight up and down on a hook! Add your own personal flare to any room.
  • No need to water your plants every day, let these self-watering pots do the work for you. They have an inner basket and a ventilated outer pot to maximize plant growth for your seedling and prevent root rot. Save time watering and improve plant health while adding some greenery to any room! Pots are made out of polypropylene and will not leach into soil or water!
  • For any plant enthusiast out there! Would look great placed in a bedroom, bathroom, office, balcony, desktop, patio or any living space! Simple and comes ready to hang, stylish planter with many hanging options so anyone can customize. Hang in a window, curtain rod ends or on bedside table. The perfect home for succulents, cactus plants, flowers, seedlings, herbs and plant seed starting, the options are endless!
  • Set includes 2 Light blue green planters, 2 Dark grey planters, 2 cream white planters and 6 hanging straps. Dimensions: 3.5” wide (outside diameter), 3.75” height (outside height), Inner diameter 2.9″, Inner depth 3.2″ and 8.7” height with handle attached. Note: Plants Not included!

Black Lucca Hanging Basket

  • Perfect for first-time gardeners, travelers, and drought conditions. Self-watering design offers easy plant care all season long.
  • Self-watering feature creates a water reservoir to prevent over watering and under watering. It also keeps plants healthy by suppling constant moisture and preventing nutrients loss common to traditional planters.
  • Includes self watering insert and drainage hole on side
  • Top width 13 in (x) Base width 9 in (x) Height 8.75 in
  • Macramé hanger and ring included with hanging basket
  • 100% UV stabilized polypropylene plastic ensures long lasting color and withstands extreme weather conditions + BPA free

Sungmor Hanging Planter

  • Particular self watering design: The inner pot is covered with cotton rope. You only need to pour the water into the pot(Water should not exceed the bottom of the inner pot,otherwise,it will cause the root rot.) .It can absorb enough water for the plant,which can be stored up for 5-7 days at a time.Travel is no longer worrying
  • Exquisite details highlight your home taste; Secure wire for safe hanging of items. Removable internal pot for easier planting.
  • High quality PP raw materials with high strength, good toughness and durability.
  • Stylish and modern eggshell shape, ideal for home life
  • Suitable for any occasion; such as home furnishings, offices, home gardening, hotel malls,etc.

Vertical Wall Plant Hangers

  • ONE OF A KIND AUTOMATIC DRIPPING SYSTEM- Self watering planters provide enough water for days, meaning you don’t have to water frequently. Our self watering planter pots have a well designed automatic dripping system compatible with American standard taps. Water from the tap drips on the topmost row and moves down to each succeeding row to ensure all plants are adequately watered but no stagnant water remains.
  • INCREDIBLE 3 POCKET WALL MOUNTED PLANT SYSTEM- Each hanging wall planter has 3 pockets to give you room to grow different plants in a small space. The size of each pocket provides adequate room for your plants without wasting any precious space in a small apartment or a limited outdoor area. Grow a variety of herbs, perennials, succulents, houseplants or vegetables in just a single area at home.
  • INCLUDES 12 MODULAR WALL PLANTERS- We’ve included 12 pots within our wall mounted hanging planter for you to create layers of potted plants for your vertical garden. Use a few wall hanging planter in one area or use them all. You can even add more layers to your vertical garden by purchasing additional compatible vertical garden pots.
  • PERFECT FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE – Our wall flower pots are crafted from a durable propene polymer material, which makes them suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. These are also lightweight at only 1.6 lbs so you can easily mount it on your walls, balconies, or railings without the fear of them falling down. They can easily be secured in place with regular screws.
  • UNBEATABLE 3-YEAR GUARANTEE- All of Worth gardening products, including this vertical garden planter come with a 3-Year guarantee. We make sure we provide the best customer care so if there are any issues you encounter, you easily contact us Call or email us anytime for support. Our team is here to help!

Tiered Planters

Vertical Garden Planter

  • We are proud to manufacture GreenStalk Vertical Planters in East TN. Made with high quality, BPA-free, UV-resistant polypropylene #5 plastic with a 5 year warranty.
  • Simply fill to the 5 tier mark on the top water reservoir. Water then travels through an internal system of water reservoirs to bring fresh water to each tier below.
  • 19 x 19 x 55” – Holds 5 cubic feet (about 40 gallons) of potting mix. Easily grows a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, strawberries and flowers including potatoes, lettuce, corn, and tomatoes.
  • GreenStalk is soil-based (not hydroponic) so no special solutions or electricity needed – just fill with 5 cubic feet of your favorite potting mix.
  • GreenStalk is the ONLY patented gravity-based that waters all tiers at the same time. Other stackable gardens over-saturate the top tiers to get to the ones on the bottom.

Automatic Self-Watering Planter

  • Change Your Lifestyle: Grow Healthy, Nutrient-Rich Food Easier, Faster, And More Convenient Than Ever Before All Year-Round, With or Without Soil. – We Believe That Growing Food At Home Not Only Provides A Healthier Life But A Happier One!​
  • Set Timer To Water Automatically (Simple & Convenient) – Large 20 Plant Veggie Garden In 1 Location
  • Go On A Weeks Vacation And Come Back To A Thriving Garden – 16 Gallon Tank (Lasts 2-3 Weeks) – Know Where Your Food Comes From and How It’s Grown
  • Simple: Fill Up The Base, Plant, Set Timer, Plug In, & Enjoy – Product Dimensions: 18.5″ x 18.5″ x 49″; 16 Gallon Water Reservoir
  • Includes: 5 Large Stacking Planter, 16 Gallon Reservoir, Heavy Duty Lid, 250 GPH Submersible Pump, 7 Day Digital Timer, Water Distribution Head, Starter Plant Food, All Pipes, Tubes, Adapters, Growing Guide & Online Chat Support – We Want To Help You Succeed! 🙂

5-Tier Stacking Planters

  • OUR PLANTERS STAND ALONE: The ONLY patented self-watering system available (Yes, you must add the water). We are the pioneers of the Stacking Planter industry!
  • MULTI-TIER SET: Set consists of five tiers of planters, five patented self-watering grids, tray (for stacking), chain with swivel (for hanging), and instructions.
  • SELF-WATERING BENEFITS: Don’t worry about overwatering! These pots can self-regulate so plants stay healthy and hydrated, Self-watering – helps evenly distribute moisture throughout and keeps plants healthy because of a consistent water supply!
  • INCREDIBLE PRESENTATION: Our unique and attractive stacking design is ideal for garden lots with little space. visually pleasing from all angles. perfect for small spaces like a dorm room, studio apartment, balcony or anywhere space is limited!
  • THE BEST OF THE BEST: Our Stacking Planters include FREE GRIDS and a FREE CHAIN powder coated for outdoor use for hanging! Food Grade Poly Propylene. BPA free. UV protection included.

Raised Bed Planters

Big City Picker Raised Bed – I have used these for years and love them

  • CONVENIENT MOBILE PLANTER – The Big City Picker is the ultimate raised bed gardening system. The unit is mobile and features casters for easy transport and sun tracking that works great in areas with limited space. While the unit is roughly twice the size (48” x 20”) as our popular City Pickers product, it’s still perfect for gardening in limited spaces such as patios or apartments complexes.
  • GROW YOUR FAVORITE FRUITS, VEGETABLES, OR FLOWERS – Grow your favorites, or try something new with a Big City Picker! Tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, herbs, beans, and much more can all be grown wherever there’s sunlight! Just add potting mix, seedlings, and water; each unit includes easy to follow instructions.
  • SELF-WATERING AND IMPROVED AERATION – The self-contained system of the Big City Picker is self-watering. It automatically waters plants by wicking moisture from its water reservoir and has water overflow holes to prevent overwatering. Additionally, plants rest above an aeration screen that enhances the oxygen flow to plant roots and encourages faster growth, which allows you to grow more with less effort.
  • SPACE SAVER – The Big City Picker is perfect for homeowners with limited space who wish to grow plants and vegetables. It is less expensive than large, traditional raised bed gardens and can be used to introduce people to gardening with minimal investment. Even users in urban areas can use a Big City Picker, as you can grow vegetables in small spaces, such as rooftop verandas!
  • WEED PREVENTION – The Big City Picker alleviates weed growth by having its own self-contained soil system. A mulch cover is included to further prevent the development of weeds. Case Cube- 14.96 feet

Keter Raised Garden Bed

  • DIMENSIONS: 32. 3 in. L x 14. 7 in. W x 30. 7 in. H
  • WATER GAUGE: Easy to read water gauge indicates when plants need additional moisture
  • DRAINAGE SYSTEM that can be opened or closed for full control of watering
  • WATER RESERVOIR: Full watering system includes a reservoir to prevent root decay and over watering
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Simple assembly with easy-to-follow instructions
  • URBAN LIVING: Perfect for use as an herb garden or balcony planter

Mobile Elevated Garden Bed

  • No more back bending or knee hurting with this elevated mobile garden.
  • Mobile : Create an indoor garden in winters and wheel it out in summers ;keep in shade or sun as per your plants prefer; The wheels make gardening a joy ride.
  • Elevated bed keeps your veggies away from your pets and babies.
  • BPA FREE Planters, made with first grade recycled plastic. Safe for growing edible plants. First Grade Recycled PVC Plastic and rust resistant metal
  • Dimensions: L x W x H = 36.2 x 14.9 x 37.4 INCHES, Planter box Dimensions – L x W x H = 36.2 x 14.9 x 10 Inches

You should try and keep at least one of these self watering planters in your garden.  You will be amazed on how easy they are to use and how it can make your life simpler, even if you are away from your home.

It will definitely allow you some grace when you can’t get home in time or your forget. Here in Texas I have to water daily in the summer, so these self watering containers make my life a lot easier, for sure. I can go days without refilling them.

Even if you’ll be away for a week or more and you DO need someone to come in and water for you, at least using these they won’t have to come daily.

You may also want to consider installing a garden irrigation system and a water hose timer, so your garden can water itself.

Years ago this was an expensive and complicated undertaking – now you can buy the setup on Amazon and snap them together easily and add your hose and a timer and you’re all set for around $50 or less.

Whether you're planning a day trip,a vacation, or just keep forgetting to water your plants, these self watering containers are the solution.  Click through to see them NOW...
Whether you're planning a day trip,a vacation, or just keep forgetting to water your plants, these self watering containers are the solution.  Click through to see them NOW...

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