Basic Home Gardening Tips, Tricks & Ideas!

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Basic Home Gardening Tips & Tricks!

Are you a beginner gardener, just starting your home gardening experience? Want to know how to grow a garden, or need beginner gardening tips, this is for you!

I would consider myself a beginner gardener.  I have grown plants in the house over the years and even a few rose bushes outside.  But, as far as knowing anything about Home Gardening or how to plant a veggie garden, I have not attempted those…. until last summer.

Hubby was contacted by a company to build a raised bed and use their mulch to start it.  So, we jumped in and gave it a shot.  We learned many things about vegetable gardening last year and I am sure we’ll learn many more this year.

Use our Mulch Calculator to find out how much you’ll need for your next project:

I gathered up some basic home gardening tips and tricks to help with this year’s garden and thought I would share them with you!

If you are looking for beginner home gardening tips & tricks or if you are just starting a garden, these tips should help!

Let’s dig in:

How To Dry Herbs, Freeze, And Preserve Garden Herbs To Use All Year!

How To Get Your Garden Ready

7 Signs You Are Over Watering Plants

3 Unique Alternative Ideas for a Raised Garden Bed

What’s growing on Farm Fresh Feasts?

Raised Garden vs Ground Garden

75 Alkaline Friendly Plants

Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Home Gardening Surprising Tip!

20 Fabulous Bulbs to Plant in the Fall for Spring Blooms

DIY Garden Markers + Gardening Puns Ahead — Lettuce Know If You Have Any to Share!

5 Tips to Plan and Nurture Your Garden

Easy Steps to Start a Garden

Gutter Planters: Pinterest Fail…and why

How to Convert to an Organic Garden

DIY Raised Garden Bed

Growing A Bee Garden & Why You Want One

Wood Burned Plant Markers

How to Make Money With Your Garden

How To Garden Without A Garden Friendly Yard

Gardening Season is Upon Us

A Recipe for Compost

How to Plant Starter Plants for Your Garden

How to Reduce Time Spent Weeding Gardens So You Can Have More Free Time!

Simple tips for a bee-friendly garden

How to Make a Custom-Built Garden Irrigation System

Are you a beginner gardener, just starting your home gardening experience, want to know how to grow a garden, or plant a veggie garden, or need beginner gardening tips, this is for you!

I hope these tips help you with your home gardening journey!  Please leave us your best tips and tricks in the comments below!

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