7 True Low Light Houseplants

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Most people these days don’t have the luxury of having a sprawling yard to grow a garden. If you live in an urban setting but would still like to brighten your space with some greenery, you can grow potted plants in even the dark corners of your home.

Not all plants require a huge garden to thrive. There are certain plants as well that will happily grow even if the closest thing you have to sunlight is a few fluorescent bulbs in a windowless area of your home.

Today, we’ll be talking about the best seven very low light houseplants that you can grow indoors with little natural light to none and easy care. Let’s get started!

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Why Grow Indoor Plants

If you live in a big city, you’re most likely exposed to pollutants all day not just from the outdoors but also inside your home. Dust from carpets, fibers flying around, asbestos, smoke, bacteria, fungi, and home chemicals can make the air you breathe impure and aggravate allergies. Houseplants can help purify the air in your home so you can breathe easier. 

What’s more, indoor plants can also have positive psychological effects. Studies have shown that houseplants can increase people’s reasoning, cognitive abilities, and social contacts.

What Does Low Light Mean For Indoor Plants?

Low light conditions mean that a plant will not get much, if any, natural light. Maybe there’s no window or or maybe there’s just a fluorescent light nearby. Any of these conditions can be considered low light for a houseplant.

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7 House Plants that Thrive Even in Low Light Conditions

These 7 low light varieties of houseplants vary from vining Ivy to Succulents. These true low light houseplants thrive in areas of your home you’d never expect. Low light conditions in your home don’t have to keep you from enjoying greenery throughout your home.

Dragon Tree

Dragon Tree houseplant in pot with white background

Unlike most plants, the Dragon Tree or Dracaena marginata does not tolerate direct sunlight well. This makes them a great addition to your indoor plant collection. They are nearly impossible to kill and their only weakness is over-watering.


Blooming Bromeliad Houseplant in decorative container on a white table

Bromeliads are tropical houseplants that feature bright red flowers that can bring any room in your house to life. They can thrive with only a fluorescent lamp and they can survive humid conditions making them a perfect choice for the bathroom.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant in white planter being held by a woman

Snake plants are hardy and low maintenance plants. They require very little sunlight to survive which makes them the perfect indoor plant. What’s more, since these are succulents, they can also survive drought conditions so you don’t have to water them every day.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen  True Low Light Houseplant

The Chinese Evergreen, also called Silver Queen, is one of the most durable houseplants. They are beginner-friendly and can survive without direct sunlight.  They can also tolerate dry air and drought.

English Ivy

English Ivy Houseplant with glass mason jars with seeds in them in a turquoise mar.

English Ivy are climbing plants that can turn any indoor space into a fresh, green, calming area. You can also grow them on trellises or fences where their vines can spread out. These plants prefer bright but indirect sunlight.


Pothos houseplant in white plater on white table with black and white framed words that say Make Your Own Magic

Pothos are beginner-friendly plants that you can grow in hanging containers or in pots. They create a tropical feel to any room thanks to their variegated broad leaves.

They prefer medium indoor light but they can survive low light conditions albeit their leaves might pale. When they receive too much direct light, their leaves can turn yellow.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo plant in pebbles and glass container in water dish on side table in living room with white chair

Lucky Bamboo is a common houseplant that thrives away from direct sunlight. They do, however, like bright, ambient light. They can grow in just water but you need to support them with pebbles inside their containers. 

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If you're looking to fill your indoor spaces with low light houseplants then click through to find out all you need to know...
If you're looking to fill your indoor spaces with low light houseplants then click through to find out all you need to know...

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