7 Ideas And Tips To Prepare Your Garden Soil!

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Before you can start your perfect <a href=outdoor garden you’ll need to prepare the soil. Check out these 7 Ideas And Tips To Prepare Your Garden Soil before planting!” class=”wp-image-262355″/>

7 Ideas And Tips To Prepare Your Garden Soil!

The better your garden soil is the more your garden will grow which also means you’ll end up getting better nutrition from your produce.  Whether you’re planting a garden bed of flowers to wow the neighbors or growing food for your family, you can see amazing results by improving your garden soil.

The best thing you can do to Prepare Your Garden Soil is to start with a great compost.  While building your own compost is a long process well worth the effort, you may be looking for a quicker option.  You can purchase compost from your local nursery or any place that sells gardening supplies.  Walmart has many different options, Amazon has many, as well.  You can even look at Ace Hardware and Lowe’s.

Feed your scraps to your garden, too.  Leftover coffee grounds, crushed egg shells, and chopped up banana peels can go right into your garden soil to help build it up.

Be sure to add plenty of organic matter to Prepare Your Garden Soil, as well.  Things such as twigs, leaves, and chopped up yard waste help to make great organic matter for your soil without costing you any money.  If you have sandy soil this will make a world of a difference!  Add at least 2 inches of organic matter each growing season.

Growing a good cover crop and tilling it into your soil at the end of the season can do amazing things for your soil, too.  Do some research online or ask your local nursery what a good ground cover for your area would be that would help your soil at the end of the season when you till it back in.

Plant nitrogen enriching plants like green beans mixed in with other compatible vegetables.  The beans will feed other plants much-needed nitrogen all growing season.  At the end of the season till everything that is left back in to the soil.

Adding earthworms to your soil can make it a great place for growing vegetables.  They dig tunnels through the soil which increases the air flow, as well as adding nutrients and improving the capacity for the soil to hold moisture which, in turn, provides a great invitation for good bacteria to grow.

Earthworms can be found relatively inexpensively at your local garden store, or bait shop.  Check with your nursery or local gardeners to see what type of worms they get for your area and where they purchase them. 

You can also purchase them on Amazon, as well as “worm castings” which according to Google is:  a convoluted mass of soil, mud, or sand thrown up by an earthworm or lugworm on the surface after passing through the worm’s body.

If you think your the PH balance could be off causing your plants to struggle just get a simple soil testing kit to help find out what your soil needs.  Sometimes we need to take a deeper look and these simple at home test kits can help you do just that.  You can get them from Walmart, Amazon, as well as Ace Hardware and local gardening supply stores.

You also want to provide plenty of mulch.  Mulch helps to hold in moisture helping you save on your watering bill, as well as smother out weeds that can pop up through your soil.  A thick layer of mulch can make your soil the perfect place for plants to grow. 

Mulch shades shallow roots, traps in heat on cool nights, and helps keep water from evaporating out of your soil before your plants can put it to work.  You can purchase mulch at any place you find gardening supplies. 

I purchase mine at Ace Hardware and Walmart.  I like to order it online and then just pop in the store to pick it up.  At the end of each season just till the old mulch right into the garden to provide quality organic matter to the soil.

Use our Mulch Calculator to find out how much you’ll need for your next project:

I hope these tips and ideas on how to Prepare Your Garden Soil are helpful to you.  Do you have more you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear your successes in the garden!

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