Vegetable & Herb Gardening

Vegetable & Herb Gardening for beginners and beyond.

Vegetable & Herb Gardening

Years ago a company named Ecoscraps reached out to us and asked us to plant a vegetable garden with their products.  We knew NOTHING about a vegetable garden but, it seemed like a great idea. 

My husband and son built a raised bed and we planted a few things.  The tomatoes are all that really worked for us.  But, we were thrilled.  

Ecoscraps has a full line of products, by the way.  They recycle food waste nationwide and re-purpose it into organic, natural and sustainable garden soils and plant food.  You can read more about our first gardening venture here.

The next year, I took the garden over and planted things in the spring and fall and added on more garden space around that raised bed.  Things didn’t go very well – from squash bugs and spider mites, to grasshoppers and snails, to too much rain and not enough rain… and the weeds… oh, the weeds.  My back couldn’t handle it all!

My oldest son texted me a picture of a friend’s raised garden beds one day… they looked like something out of a magazine, mine looked like…. a child’s sandbox with broken toys.  I actually cried when I saw it, because I was so frustrated with my gardening experiments look.

Then my daughter started seeing ideas online (read: Pinterest lol) and sharing them with me, and they seemed doable and seemed to solve my problems.  So, the next year I tried those ideas to see which worked best for our purposes and so it began – my love for learning and growing.

I bought a few planters for the front porch, I planted herbs there so, Hubby (who does most of the cooking) could just step out on the porch and pick just what he wanted to use for each meal.  We love that. 

I have some very strange looking setups elsewhere in the yard – my neighbors laugh each time they see a new experiment I have set up!  lol  But, you would be jealous of them (my neighbors) – I swear to you – they throw anything they want in their yard anywhere and it grows… they don’t weed, they don’t feed… nothing!  PLUS, it’s CLAY soil… It’s incredibly annoying lol

I will be sharing all of my gardening “experiments” and what I learn with y’all in hopes it encourages someone else to give it a go.  It’s certainly relaxing and helps me clear my head on stressful days.  The fresh air and sunshine I get from checking on them 3-4 times a day (that may be overkill, but, I enjoy it) is healthy, too!

You’ll find all of the posts as I add them to the site right here, I hope you enjoy my journey as much I as am: