Vanderpump Rules: Wishful Sinking

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Scheana’s Falling Too Hard & Too Fast.. Again

Vanderpump Rules Scheana

In Big Bear, Jax cheats death when an attempt to show off goes horribly wrong. Raquel questions whether James still harbors romantic feelings for Lala, Ariana gets upset when Sandoval doesn’t invite her on a business trip to Las Vegas, and Rob reveals that he doesn’t tell Scheana he loves her – providing Jax with fresh gossip to spread. Back in Los Angeles, Stassi interviews Lisa for her podcast, and Katie and Schwartz share date night.  Vanderpump Rules, Season 6, Episode 12, Wishful Sinking, Aired 2/26/2018

Jax says he runs 4 miles a day, but, out here we got 20 feet and almost died.  Yet he’s going to swim all the way out into the middle of the lake and turn around come back.  this is not stuff he does on a normal basis, or at this altitude, and he couldn’t even do the stuff that he does on a normal basis… He is just trying to show off and look good in front of all his “young” friends and match up somehow to Rob.. He’s having a midlife crisis…  this is a disaster waiting to happen.

These people totally live in a different world than I do… I knew this… But, who takes a pile full of their friends to Las Vegas when they’re meeting with their boss for a business trip?  AND no, Lala normal people do not take off their tops at the beach with their friends on vacation… Not where I come from.

Tom Schwartz kills me!  LOL He just said that he wears pink boxer trunks under his swim trunks to “get a pop of color…”  lol

Jax could not be more jealous of Rob there’s just no way he could be any more jealous..

Ariana is right, if everyone’s going to Vegas then Ariana needs to be going to Vegas and Tom should make that very clear to her.  Here again, she’s telling the camera how she feels, but, we’re not seeing her tell Tom these things.  That makes it hard for him to actually understand.  She wants him to intuitively know these things.  Most guys can’t read our minds and know the things that we’re thinking.  We have to open our mouth and say how we feel, and what we need, so, that it makes it fair for them before we hold it against them for not being able to read our minds.

Vanderpump Rules: Tom & Ariana on the dock in Big Bear

Katie looks like she’s more herself, more relaxed, more confident in who she is because she doesn’t have that insecurity of not knowing what Tom’s going to do or who he’s going to do it with.  They’re totally committed to each other now (except for the very stupid mistake he made), and she has relaxed into their relationship which makes it easier for Tom to feel confident in their relationship, as well, they’re now working together so well.

Vanderpump Rules: Katie Schwartz

Oh Tom I’m so proud!  You get the slowpoke award, but, you finally came around to thinking that it was a smart thing to take Ariana with you and I’m just so proud of you!

Vanderpump Rules: Ariana

Scheana is so immature.  It’s one thing to just be head over heels and completely devoted to the person you’re with, but, to say you’re going to screw with somebody else’s relationship because they talked bad about yours… Let’s grow up..

And of course, the thought of anyone doing anything evil makes Kristen smile… smh

The state of the SUR servers, in my eyes:  Jax almost drowns showing off because he’s jealous of Rob.  Tom & Ariana are working on their relationship.  Lala and James’ relationship is too tight and causing issues for Raquel.  Tom & Katie are growing up and their marriage seems to be flourishing.  Scheana is way too immature, yet, to be in a relationship…

Vanderpump Rules Scheana

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Vanderpump Rules: Wishful Sinking
Vanderpump Rules: Wishful Sinking. Jax almost drowns showing off because he's jealous of Rob. Tom & Ariana are working on their relationship. Lala and James' relationship is too tight and causing issues for Raquel. Tom & Katie are growing up and their marriage seems to be flourishing. Scheana is way too immature, yet, to be in a relationship...

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