Vanderpump Rules: Watch Your Back

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Will Jax Ever Take Responsibility?

Vanderpump Rules:  Jax and Brittany

Brittany spoils Jax on his 38th birthday, but he shows his lack of maturity when confronted with a reminder of his infidelity. Seeking revenge on Jax for telling people Rob doesn’t love her, Scheana sets Brittany up with SUR’s hottest new model and bartender. Ariana’s brother asks out new SUR hostess Billie Lee, but when Stassi questions Jeremy’s character, Ariana responds with fierce sisterly protection. James has an emotional reunion with his Dad, and Sandoval and Schwartz must redeem themselves with Lisa after a disastrous Vegas business trip.   Vanderpump Rules, Season 6, Episode 14, Watch Your Back, Aired 3/12/2018

Now Tom is calling what happened in Las Vegas with Lisa “enthusiasm”, that was not enthusiasm that was drunk and childlike behavior.  If they had not been late and drunk at the start of the day, Lisa would have been in a much better mood and would have been willing to listen to them and teach them, had they been sane.

Okay, so Scheana’s usually over the top when it comes to this kind of stuff, but, in this conversation with Jax, he is really leaning towards telling her something that we’re not seeing Rob say.  Scheana sounds more like she saying what Rob said on the boat.  Jax took it a different way or he’s just trying to stir up trouble.

Vanderpump Rules Scheana and Jax talking at a bar

Jax is so jealous of Rob it’s crazy.

So, this conversation between Scheana and Britney is Scheana staying true to her threat to mess with Jax’s relationship…

Vanderpump Rules Brittany and Scheana sitting at a bar talking

Finally, Tom feels like he’s got some kind of direction and he can work on the cocktails instead of trying to tell Lisa and Ken how to build a restaurant…

I knew this would not be pretty when what Stassi and Kristin said about her brother got to Ariana.  Blood’s definitely thicker than water…

Stassi said she didn’t understand Ariana getting upset about people saying stuff about her brother… I’m pretty sure if anybody say anything about Stassi’s little brother it would not go well.

Now, I completely get Sandoval’s point and why he came over.  But, I am so proud of Schwartz that at least he said to the camera Sandoval can’t yell at his wife… he’s coming along!  lol  Now, in all honesty, he should have told Tom to lower his voice when speaking to his wife or asked him to leave.  But… this was progress… lol

When your best friend thinks you should have been punished more for what you did to your girlfriend you’re in a pretty sad place.  But Tom was right, Jax has not even truly “repented” for what he did… Not that we have seen anyway.

Now, Jax’s attitude, following the phone call Brittany had with her Dad, would have sealed the deal for me.  I would have walked out and said “yep, Dad’s right” as soon as Jax turned around on Brittany and said “… your not perfect either…” (which is what I mean by he hasn’t repented yet).  That was not the time nor the place and it just shows that he is a two-year-old and he is never going to grow up, just like her Dad said.

Brittany has wasted her time with Jax, she won’t get what she’s looking for with him, and if she does, he’ll probably find another way to screw it up.  She’s setting herself up for a lifetime of pain if she stays with him.

Sandoval has a new mission with TomTom, Scheana is out to destroy Jax’s relationship, Ariana is hurt by the things the others are saying about her brother, and James reveals more about his childhood.

Vanderpump Rules:  Jax and Brittany

Vanderpump Rules:  Watch Your Back
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Vanderpump Rules: Watch Your Back
Sandoval has a new mission with TomTom, Scheana is out to destroy Jax's relationship, Ariana is hurt by the things the others are saying about her brother, and James reveals more about his childhood.

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