Vanderpump Rules: Screams & Queens

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Stassi’s Annual Birthday Melt Down…

Vanderpump Rules:  Stassi

Birthday twins and perpetual rivals Stassi and Ariana plan extravagant parties on the same night, but while Ariana shines as the belle of the ball, an embarrassed Stassi runs off in tears. Meanwhile, Schwartz and Sandoval celebrate the approval of TomTom’s permits by writing hefty checks, Lisa punishes Jax for ruining her big night, and Sandoval and Ariana work through their intimacy issues.  Vanderpump Rules, Season 6, Episode 10, Screams & Queens, Aired 2/12/2018

I feel HORRIBLE for Ariana.  I think she is such a great girl,  I don’t know what this guy was thinking or what he did to her, but, I feel so sorry for her.  He screwed her up so bad that she doesn’t want to have children, she doesn’t want to get married. and she doesn’t want to be herself.. That’s so sad

Looks like Jax’s Vanderpump lives have run out Lisa is not going to put up with him anymore, it appears.

It may just be what we are seeing and how it’s portrayed to ask, but, it appears that Ariana and Tom are saying things to the camera that they’re not saying to each other and what they’re saying to the camera is so much more clear and unclouded than what they’re actually saying to each other.  I hope they learn to communicate better.  Tom really is being a good boyfriend.

Man, could Jax be any more like a three-year-old?!  He cannot take responsibility he keeps shrugging it off like he’s not the worst – other people have done the same or worse…  “other people have done more stuff, I didn’t burn the place down, I’m not the worst one..” finger pointing everywhere and not taking any responsibility whatsoever that ends like after kindergarten.

Tom and Ariana’s costumes are awesome, I had to say if I had to choose between the two parties I’d choose the king and queen party because the gross-out party is not my thing…


Tom Sandoval is growing up he wants to be Ariana’s boyfriend LOL  someone needs to tell Ariana that she’s normal… The girls she hangs out with that can just sleep around at the drop of a hat, that’s not normal… We need intimacy, we need our significant other to be in our space, to be with us, to be present, to be around us, to love us, to show us that we are loved, and then we’re able to return it.  That’s just how girls are built.  Someone needs to tell Ariana she is normal, there’s nothing wrong with her.

I was thinking the same thing that Stassi’s said, this girl came as a guest, she did not come as the entertainment.  I think it’s rude to ask her to perform when she’s an invited guest. Plus it’s gross…

I don’t think Stassi’s ever had a birthday party where she didn’t shout out the words “It’s My Birthday..” or something to that effect as she is screaming at her guests.

In the previews for what’s coming up, we see Brittany pull out a pregnancy test and give it to Jax. I believe this is probably a pregnancy test to show that her sister-in-law got pregnant.  Because when they went to Kentucky to visit, Jax pledged to match all the money donated at a fundraiser to help with their in vitro fertilization. I believe that’s probably what that is.

Vanderpump Rules:  Stassi

Vanderpump Rules:  Screams & Queens
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Vanderpump Rules: Screams & Queens
Vanderpump Rules: Screams & Queens. This episode had dueling birthday parties that couldn't have been more different. Stassi had a gory nightmare theme, complete with her annual meltdown. Ariana had a fun upbeat King & Queens party. Which would have chosen to attend?

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