Vanderpump Rules: It’s All Happening

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Old Man Jax…

Vanderpump Rules Jax

Lisa channels all her energy into restoring SUR after the devastating fire. On the heels of her birthday meltdown, Stassi consults a tarot card reader about her future with Patrick, while Scheana invites a select group of friends to visit Rob’s prized cabin in Big Bear. James makes a startling admission about his feelings for with Lala, and Jax feels left behind in the wake of Tom and Tom’s success.  Vanderpump Rules, Season 6 Episode 11, It’s All Happening, Aired 2/19/18

Stassi walks in crying that she was sorry, which I thought was great, until she said for 2 days… LOL wow.. 2 days… I think she probably should have called them the very next morning and apologized.

Jax is becoming real old and demanding and set in his ways!

Tom buys his knife on the way up to the cabin in Big Bear, and all I can think is thank God it’s not a gun!  Stick to the mirror, pretty boy, man things are obviously not your forte’!  lol

I don’t think Jax has to worry about someone putting him on a pedestal and giving him all that pressure…  lol

What Patrick said to Stassi about being apart and not talking about what happened when they were apart and not talking to each other when they are apart?!   That’s sooo shady stuff!  Does she not realize he’s probably got some women on the side?!  Who says that?!

James is having some kind of crisis, because two weeks ago it was Logan, this week it’s Lala, and then Rachel’s just there and she’s so sweet, there’s something going on with him…

Jax is definitely becoming a grumpy old man and Scheana is too into Rob, too soon…
I also think that Jax is weighing his life – the Tom’s are younger than he is and one is married and they are both entering a business venture with Lisa – maybe Jax feels like Lisa should have chosen him since he’s older and been with her so long…
Vanderpump Rules Jax

Vanderpump Rules:  It's All Happening
Article Name
Vanderpump Rules: It's All Happening
Vanderpump Rules: It's All Happening. Tom & Tom are growing up & going into business with Ken & Lisa, Katie & Schwartz are married, Scheana and Lala think they've found their :Mr. Right", Jax is getting older and feels he has nothing to show for his life. He's a bartender who lives in a small apartment with his girlfriend...

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