Vanderpump Rules: Call Me Jason

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Can Jax Become Jason?

Vanderpump Rules Jax With Therapist

Stassi helps organize a party to honor Lisa Vanderpump’s new role at Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, but struggles to convince her bitter ex-coworkers to lend a hand. Schwartz’s triplet brothers come for a visit and a Tom Sandoval makeover, Jax’s anger issues send him running back to reiki therapy, and Katie finds herself the victim of body-shaming comments. Lisa must find a way to reopen SUR after a fire nearly puts the restaurant permanently out of commission. Vanderpump Rules, Season 6, Episode 5, Call Me Jason Aired 2/5/2018

My favorite line from this episode:  Schwartz about his wife since marriage.  “From tequila Katie to chamomile tea Katie”  LOVE IT!

That picture of Stassi for her podcast doesn’t even look like Stassi!

Vanderpump Rules Stassi sitti down with champagne and cell phone

I know we don’t see them everyday and know them as intimately as Lisa Vanderpump does, but I do not see Stassi and Ariana fighting for queen bee.  I don’t think Ariana cares to be queen bee.  I think Ariana just doesn’t like the “better than everybody else” air Stassi gives off (although I have to say she seems to be mellowing a bit – it’s nice to see).  But, Lisa Vanderpump knows them all very well so maybe she is correct. From what we see on camera I don’t get that.

Okay, first thing Stassi needs to learn is you smile when you are a hostess passing food or drinks or giving out Swag Bags, whatever, she’s not smiling.   Lala’s doing awesome smiling job making people feel welcome and comfortable.

I love this top on Lisa Vanderpump at her party.

Lisa Vanderpump

What an arrogant jerk, Jax coming in an hour late and then telling Lisa that he’s apologizing what else does she want, and then he looks at the camera and says “It’s a bunch of rich people coming in for free drinks I think they can wait…”.  That’s not the point, this was a big night for Lisa and she was depending (which apparently no one can do) on him and he just chose to spit in her face and say you know what I don’t care, I’ll get there when I get there. Arrogant jerk..

Jax Unapologetic And Late To Lisa's Party

Now he’s telling the guys at Sur, that he was half an hour late after Lisa told him he was an hour late, he knows full well he was an hour late.  And again he doesn’t get that it was for Lisa, …the Lisa who got him on this show, …the Lisa who got him everything that he’s had since then, …the Lisa who has been there for him through thick and thin and everything in between, and then he does this to her.  He should respect her more…. familiarity breeds contempt… I believe that’s where he’s at.

Okay, I don’t know why the Lisa Vanderpump is so upset about what Kevin Lee said as though she’s never heard him say anything crazy… Crazy crap comes out of his mouth all. The. Time. He’s a nut…

Wow that story about Katie and her fall is incredible!


The triplets and Tom grew up in Yulee Florida. Yulee Florida is where I got my driver’s license, Yulee is about 27 minutes from Jacksonville. I grew up in Jacksonville born and raised, my dad took me to get my driver’s license and he did not want to wait in line… So he drove me to Yulee to get my license so that we didn’t have to stand in line LOL

Jax is pointing all these fingers at everybody else, look what they did, look what they did, look what they did, what I did wasn’t that bad because look what they did….

That’s where the problem comes in for a lot of people is they can’t look at themselves and take responsibility for themselves, all they can do is say “well, why aren’t they in trouble?”  it’s like a kid in school who says “they’re chewing gum, too, how come they’re not in trouble?”. That’s none of your business.  Your business is you and taking care of your actions and being responsible for them.  He’s 40 years old and you would think way before now he would have gotten this message.  But, some people never do, they’re so defensive and they just cannot be any other way.  When there are a ton of people coming at you and they’re all saying pretty much the same thing maybe it’s time you look at yourself and say “maybe I should open my ears and hear what they’re saying and look inside myself and see if it’s me, even if just a little of it is me”.

The triplets look so cute and I will outfits the Tom put on them.

Vanderpump Rules Tom Schwartzes' Triplet Brothers

It would be nice if Jax could figure out who he is and be okay with himself, but, I’m not sure he’s got it in him, at least not now.

Vanderpump Rules Jax With Therapist

Vanderpump Rules:  Call Me Jason
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Vanderpump Rules: Call Me Jason
Can Jax Become Jason? He's 40 - it's kinda hard to teach an old dog new tricks. So far, watching Vanderpump Rules for these season it seems like he really never has wanted to change. Maybe now it might be different. Brittany could have something to do with his wanting to now.

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