Top 11 Ways To Make Money Online Fast

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Top Ways To Make Money Online Fast

If you're looking for fast ways to make money, or online money making tips, this is for you! We have the top 11 real ways to make money online fast.

We live in a day and age where we don’t have to rely on being hired by a company to make an income.   In today’s highly online world we can make our own way and create our own income in a way that works for us and make quick money at the same time.

There are so many fast ways to make money online, you can make as little or as much as you like.  There are so many opportunities to make money fast online. Even if you’d like to continue working outside of the home, you still can supplement your income online in many different ways.

Many of the ways you can earn money online are almost instant.  Most online money making opportunities pay through PayPal,  within a week, or even a day in some cases.  Making it super simple to get cash fast!

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Below is a list of proven ways to make money fast legitimately online:

Online Surveys

This is always the first one everyone mentions.  Many people don’t want to do this and that’s fine, that’s the beauty of earning income online, you can do it the way you’d like.  But, when people want to know how to get cash fast, often surveys are the way they choose.  Many people make good money with online surveys.  Online surveys have been around for about 20 years now.  Now online surveys are paying better than they have in the past, and it’s one sure way you can get cash fast.  In just a few minutes filling out a form, you can earn $5 or more. Some of those survey sites include:

Internet Search

When researching ideas to make money, this is a great way to get paid for what you’re already doing – searching the web. Companies, like, rewards you for searching Bing, Yahoo, or Google. All you do is to install an add-on to your browser and conduct the assigned search. There’s  no minimum to cash out with them, and the payment is paid through PayPal. You can also choose to have your earnings donated to charity, if you prefer.

Online Market Trading

There are many online market trading sites that can be quite lucrative.  You no longer have to rely on the traditional way of investing in currencies and stock markets.  Sites, like and Plus500, offer new, free practice accounts.  Keep in mind that this avenue of making money can be very risky, so use caution.

Start Your Own Website

Whether you choose to start a blog, sell online retail, or work on becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s creator), having your own site is the ultimate way of making money online and controlling your own income.  If you’d like to start your own blog, you can follow my step by step blogging series:  How To Start Your Own Blog! Everything You Need To Know In One Place!

App & Site Reviews

With sites like, you can review all types of sites and apps for cash. You can get money fast with this one!   It takes approximately 20 minutes to review these apps/sites to earn $10 in your PayPal account.  Basically they ask you to video and talk through going to a specific site and navigating it and giving your opinion about the look and feel and if it makes sense to you, the reader.

Affiliate Marketing

if you have a site, a blog, or a good social media presence, this can be a lucrative way to make money online. This is one of the fast ways to make money by promoting all types of products, services, companies, and offers online.

By signing on the Escalate network, for instance, you can browse their merchant listings, or check their blog of offers to find something your friends will be interested in, use your affiliate link, and then share it. Once that’s done, you will earn a commission. Additionally, you can set up a Facebook page or a website to invite your friends to join and post your affiliate offers.


At, you perform a variety of tasks quickly for businesses, such as web research, data entry, or form filling.  Once completed you are paid in rewards or cash through your PayPal account.


This one is really all about you and your interests.  On Fiverr you can offer your services, any services, and people looking to have that service performed will contact you can pay you.  Services include:

  • social media posting
  • creating music
  • teaching
  • creating short video clips
  • writing
  • translating
  • computer programming
  • graphic design
  • and more

Music Reviews

This is exactly what it sounds like.  You’d be doing reviews for unsigned artists and bands through companies, like Slicethepie.

Online Tutoring

it’s easier than ever to become a tutor.  The pay starts around $10 per hour.  Udemy allows anyone to have an online course on practically anything for continual pay just as long as users take your course. There are other sites, such as SchoolsTrader, Superprof, and UK Tutors.

YouTube Videos

The YouTube Partner Program allows people to profit by making and uploading videos.  Some people make as much as 6 figures doing YouTube videos.  You can review items, and companies will reach out to you to send you their items for you to review once you’ve grown your audience.  You can talk about the news, specific tv shows, music, you can teach, anything really, the sky is the limit.

And A Bonus #12!

Drive People Around

We have used these companies several times and always enjoy meeting the nice people who drive.  It’s a great way to meet new people and make money, too!  Check out Uber and Lyft.  You can choose when you work and the money isn’t bad.  All of the drivers we’ve had say they love it and the money is perfect for them to help supplement their income

There are just so many available opportunities to earn money and earn it fast these days that no one should be saying I can’t find a job – Make your own!  Hopefully this list of online money making ideas will help increase your income with or without corporate America depending on you and your hustle.

Get started today. You have nothing to lose but time!

PLUS, you can become an UberEats driver, too, in your spare time!

What other ways can you think of to make money fast?  Please share your ideas in the comments below.

If you're looking for fast ways to make money, or online money making tips, this is for you! We have the top 11 real ways to make money online fast.

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Top Ways To Make Money Online Fast
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Top Ways To Make Money Online Fast
If you're looking for fast ways to make money, or online money making tips, this is for you! We have the top 11 real ways to make money online fast.

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