The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: Who’s High-Strung?! Teddi Or Dorit?

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Who’s High-Strung?! Teddi Or Dorit?

Dorit & Teddi At PK's Birthday

Kyle worries when she’s late for a double date with Teddi and their husbands. Lisa Rinna hustles her way into two new acting gigs. Dorit shocks her husband PK with an extravagant 50th birthday party on a yacht. Erika and Lisa Vanderpump have differing opinions about Dorit’s big surprise, and a wine glass is at the center of a new conflict.  Season 7, Episode 8, Birthday Fever, Aired 1/30/2018

Erika Jayne and Hubby Tom The Early Years

Best line of the episode:  Erika Jayne said “I am pretty woman!”  I love that!

Pretentious is the right word for Dorit, she is definitely pretentious.

attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.
“a pretentious literary device”
synonyms: affected, ostentatious, showy

That whole wine glass/champagne glass thing was so stupid that she did in last episode.  It is annoying me that Lisa Rinna said to her face, “I think it would bother me, too” and then to the camera she said that she wouldn’t care, she could drink it out of a Red Solo Cup.

That’s just wrong and I bet when Teddi watched that she was not happy about it and I can’t blame her at all.  Dorit is just too much.  She’s trying to make Teddi look bad at every turn, over nothing.

You know, people talk and something different goes into Dorit’s ears than the words that came out of their mouth.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, I don’t know if it’s just that she’s so defensive about everything, or what, but it’s like the words that come out of people’s mouths don’t go in her ears the same way as they were said or even the same words… It’s really odd,

Lisa’s trying to explain to Dorit that Teddi isn’t really comfortable in an entertaining situation and instead of having any kind of empathy for Teddi in that, she decides to start saying “well then why is she inviting us over?!”.  She’s doing it to get to know these women and this is how these women do things, but the whole conversation between Lisa and Dorit… Dorit just did not hear what Lisa was saying at all.

Lisa Vanderpump & Dorit Talking On Yacht

So, there is a division here among the women, some are just more laid-back like Kyle or Lisa Rinna said, the others are “fancy girls”.  I think the “fancy girls” are Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit, the rest of them including Camille can go either way and I think that’s where Teddi’s having a problem fitting in.

I think eventually she’ll probably enjoy Lisa Rinna and Kyle more than the other girls, although Lisa Vanderpump seems to like her a lot and she wants to be her friend.  I think the deal is the pretentiousness I mentioned, I think it’s if they’re not pretentious, she’ll be all right.  So far the only one that is, is Dorit. I do NOT consider Lisa Vanderpump pretentious.   I think she’ll be fine with Erika, once she’s been around a while.  Erika takes time to warm up to people.

Kyle is right – only people backing Dorit can talk in that conversation.  KYLE was the one who asked twice when they walked up if they were interupting anything – to which DORIT replied no, not at all… so, you invited them in to the conversation Dorit…. Kyle sees Teddi being bullied by you and just wanted to be there for her and help…. Ugh!  Dorit… smh

Dorit and Teddi

Who’s high-strung?!  Who made the big deal out of the glass?!  If I remember correctly Dorit said, no less than three times, in that couple of hours that they were at Teddi’s glam circle, something about that wine glass, within, what seemed like, the first half hour!  smh… she is something!

Dorit & Teddi and PK's Birthday

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills:  Who's High-Strung?!  Teddi Or Dorit?
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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: Who's High-Strung?! Teddi Or Dorit?
The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: Who's High-Strung?! Teddi Or Dorit? Dorit called Teddi high-strung... Perhaps she doesn't know the definition, or she's never looked in the mirror... Do you think after seeing herself this season she can make some changes in behavior? I guess we'll see.

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