The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: That Was Weird

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Camille Is Coming For Dorit!  It’s About Time Someone Did!

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills:  Camille & Dorit

Teddi’s beach house weekend ends abruptly—and disastrously—when Dorit reveals to Erika what was said about her after her unexpected departure. The ladies descend upon New York for Fashion Week. Lisa Rinna helps her daughter, Delilah, get settled in New York City. Private information about Lisa Vanderpump is revealed publicly—and some of the ladies worry how she’ll react once she finds out.  The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Season 8, Episode 9, That Was Weird, Aired 2/13/2018

What is Dorit doing?!  I swear she’s an idiot, I do not understand what she thinks she’s doing talking to Erica and telling her what was said the night before.  Actually I guess I do – she’s after Kyle & Teddi her 2 biggest “threats”.  She’s throwing Kyle under the bus because she’s jealous of her relationship with Lisa and she’s throwing Teddi under the bus because she doesn’t get Teddi at all.

Oh my!  Methinks Camille wants her place back on this show!  She is aiming to take Dorit out to get it back… LOL

Dorit walks off and says:  “what are we 12?  Ummm yes, Dorit What are YOU?!  12?!

Erika is not in a good mood you can tell by the look on her face she’s usually smiling or somber, but, you can tell right now that she is not in a good mood.  This is not the time to discuss this with her.  Dorit is stirring up trouble.

I feel bad for Erika and I feel bad for Teddi because it made them both feel terrible.  There was nothing there that she should have repeated and she threw Kyle under the bus and Kyle didn’t say anything according to what they showed on the show… nothing.  I’m telling you Dorit is jealous of Kyle and Lisa’s relationship, that’s why she threw Kyle under the bus and she said Kyle before she said Teddi, and she doesn’t like Tedd, so she threw under the bus Teddi and I think she’s threatened by Teddi and Kyle.

Kyle’s whole tirade is exactly right you don’t tell anyone the next day that everyone thought their outfit was weird… and I love when Dorit said well it could become a big thing and Kyle said well it just did.  Kyle’s hilarious!

For Heaven’s sake Dorit, look around the table at these women’s faces!  They are not happy with what you have to say.  Teddi looks mad, Camille is just like she can’t even believe your mouth is still moving, Erika looks like she feels like she’s going to have to jump in at any point to save you from yourself, and Lisa Rinna is like what are you talking about?!  These are the expressions on these women’s faces and she’s still talking…. smh

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills:  Camille & Dorit

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills:  That Was Weird
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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: That Was Weird
The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: That Was Weird. Dorit is trying to stir up trouble and Camille is going to use that to get her place back on the show! Good for her! Someone needs to call Dorit out for her mess! Dorit is talking about everyone all the time and she is fast and furious after Kyle and Teddi!

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  1. ME

    Dorit is an UGLY person, inside and out..!! How dare her to call Teddie out for bringing something up, regardless if it was yesterday or 3 months ago !! She said what she said ! Personally Dordumb lol done the same exact thing time after time, for instance, Teddies beach house? Dordumb have amneisia ¿ Drinking to much calling someone a c..t ? Yeah anyways she’s very ugly and shows it with her attitude..!! Also may I mention Mrs.. B..? Who gets so upset when someone calls her out, and takes such the high road of defensiveness… You have issues, get em fixed chic!! Why put on such a fake defence, unless you really have some deep deep issues… Go LISA, KYLE, AND TEDDIE.. YOU OWN AND MAKE THE SHOW!! The others can get a one way ticket… Tip for Teddie, forget the fake tadpoles…

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