The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Petty Mess

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Is Dorit Trying To Get Between Lisa & Kyle?

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills:  Dorit, Kyle, & Lisa V On The Beach At Night

Lisa Rinna returns to her roots, and the role of Billie, on Days of Our Lives. Lisa Vanderpump receives news about the lawsuit, but Kyle and Dorit don’t react to it the way she hopes — prompting Lisa to walk out on them. Teddi’s concerns about hosting the women at her beach house come true when Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump waste no time addressing their latest issues in front of everyone.  The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Season 8, Episode 8, Petty Mess, Aired 2/6/2018

I think every episode of the season is going to start out with me thinking Dorit’s a nut.  umm because Dorit is a nut.  She doesn’t understand why Kyle would take up for Teddi when she hasn’t known her that long…  Perhaps it’s because you are wrong so very stark raving mad wrong, Dorit…

This is why I love Kyle she’s real she’s calling Dorit on her crap and she sees what Teddi’s going through.  Teddi’s real, too, however, Lisa just had this wonderful news and 30 seconds later they break into this whole thing, looking at Lisa’s face she just can’t believe it.  To devolve into this mess so quickly… smh  I still blame Dorit for it.

Dorit should not be throwing stones… it did look a little like Lisa had already been through something before she got there.  Kyle even said that she looked like she’d been crying and she said it was an emotional thing.  So whether it was, the court case or something else that happened just before she got there, there may have been something else going on that was on her mind weighing on her.

I can understand why Kyle is upset, and I think Dorit is piling on because it makes her feel like she’s closer to Lisa than Kyle… She’s stretching the truth about things that Lisa has told her that maybe she didn’t mention to Kyle.  Kyle thinks that they had these deep, longl intense discussions about personal things that she would never share with Kyle.  That’s not what happened and I think Dorit knows what she’s doing.

Oh Teddi, Dorit’s not yelling at you now, it’s Lisa and Dorit going at it.  You just sit back and be real quiet, lol and let it happen, it’s not on you anymore… LOL

I think that Dorit is still a nut, but, now she’s moved into being manipulative, because she’s trying to worm her way into Lisa and Kyle’s friendship, in the middle of it.

Which is exactly where she said she didn’t want to be and I didn’t believe her for a second.  I don’t know, in so many ways she seems so fake…

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills:  Kyle & Lisa V On The Beach At Night At Teddi's Beach House

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  Petty Mess
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Petty Mess
Is Dorit trying to get between Lisa & Kyle? I think she is trying to manipulate Kyle. She made out to Kyle like Lisa shares things with her & not Kyle. That's not what I saw. Lisa said something in general & Dorit laid it back on her & Lisa said "yeah". That's not intimately sharing as she gave Kyle the impression it was.

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