The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Livin’ La Villa Loca

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Kandi Is Dry & Nene Is NOT Mature In Barcelona

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kandi & Nene

The ladies’ arrival in Barcelona gets off to a bumpy start when Cynthia confronts Eva and Porsha about the tea they spilled concerning Will. Cynthia’s hosting duties are questioned after the ladies arrive at their “villa” and things heats up between Marlo and Kandi when shade is thrown at the group dinner. Back home in Atlanta, Kim gets wind of a joke made at her expense and all of the ladies are shocked by her next move.  The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Season 10, Episode 13, Livin’ La Villa Loca, Aired 2/18/18  Watch Real Housewives of Atlanta

Nene’s Kandi impression was dead on!  I love Kandi!

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Marlo said Kandi was dry and told her she needed to attend her etiquette class… we’ll see how well Marlo does with her etiquette on this trip…

They are all fussing because Kandi took a room that was nicer than the rooms they took.  Kandi wasn’t running.  She wasn’t walking fast.  She wasn’t in a hurry.  They were running all over and looking at all the rooms.  Kandi took her time and she found the best room… that’s your problem.  I don’t blame Kandi for not moving. 

I don’t think Nene would have moved had she found that room first and what in the world are you talking about the more mature people need to go all the way to the top… I would think the more mature people don’t need to climb all those stairs now do they… And then Nene saying that Kandi’s pulling an age card, Nene’s the one who said the more mature women.  I think she doesn’t know there are two meanings for mature…

1.  fully developed physically; full-grown.
“she was now a mature woman”
synonyms: adult, grown-up, grown, fully grown, full-grown, of age, fully developed, in one’s prime, middle-aged
“a mature woman”

2.  (of an organism) become physically mature.
“children mature at different ages”
synonyms: be fully grown, be full-grown

Kim didn’t go to Barcelona, but, they’re bringing her to Barcelona with all this talk and keeping her very relevant while they’re in Barcelona.

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Looks more like Marlo will be causing most of the trouble on this trip – although even all the way back in the States Kim can keep it stirred!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kandi & NeNe

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta:  Livin' La Villa Loca
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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Livin' La Villa Loca
The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Livin' La Villa Loca. This trip to Barcelona seems fun so far. But, even though they left Kim at home, she's still very much in touch with them all.

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