The Challenge Vendettas: The Mercenaries Of Mayhem

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Veronica Breaks Her Finger & Leroy Heads To The Hospital

The Challenge Vendetta's Car Jump Challenge

Challenge legends continue to wreak havoc on the game. One player uses the power of the grenade to threaten the competition, creating a powerful vendetta in the process.  The Challenge Vendettas, Season 31, Episode 8, The Mercenaries Of Mayhem, Aired 2/20/2018

Veronica’s finger is broken and she’s out…

The Challenge Vendettas: Veronica breaks her finger

It’s so funny how fast Tori has become a vet, but she has earned every stripe that she’s gotten and she is a force to be reckoned with.  Good job Kam, because, like I said Tori is tough.

The Challenge Vendettas: Kam & Tori

Joss’s biggest mistake is not giving Derek is due… Derek is a beast!

The Challenge Vendettas: Derrick & Joss

Cara is a true player of this game, she wants to really battle it out.  Since Kam put her up and she wants Kam to go up against her and she wants to win or lose fair and square and if she goes home she said and she’s fine with that.The Challenge Vendettas: Johnny Bananas, Nelson, Cara Maria, Natalie

Kam was talking about how Cara Maria wasn’t as bad as she thought she was!  Umm.. Are you kidding me?!  Cara was lubed up and did the challenge!  Kam sat on her butt and didn’t do anything.  She quit before she started!

The Challenge Vendettas: Kam


Leroy falls in face down and doesn’t move and has to be taken to hospital.  Nelson wins for their team.  They form the Troika – Nelson, Johnny, and Natalie.

The Challenge Vendettas: Leroy falling in the water

Kam is on the losing team, and she chooses Marie to go in which ticks Marie off because Marie didn’t choose her because she promised not to choose her.

So, next week should be quite fun… Marie will never let her forget this.

The Challenge Vendettas: The Mercenaries Of Mayhem

The Challenge Vendettas:  The Mercenaries Of Mayhem
Article Name
The Challenge Vendettas: The Mercenaries Of Mayhem
The Challenge Vendettas: The Mercenaries Of Mayhem. The Mercenaries did their job! Veronica broke her finger, Leroy had to be taken to the hospital, Kam went after Cara Maria (not the best enemy to make), Johnny, Nelson, & Natalie formed the Troika. Let's see what happens next episode!

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