The Challenge Vendettas: Pulling The Strings

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Johnny Reveals He’s The Ghost Note Writer

The Challenge Vendettas Johnny Bananas

When the mysterious and offensive notes continue to circulate the Challenge house, it causes a stir amongst the female competitors and the culprit is finally revealed. When four Challenge legends return, the game is turned upside down.  The Challenge Vendettas, Season 31, Episode 7, Pulling The Strings, Aired 2/13/2018

Brad destroyed Victor in the challenge.  Bye Victor!

Ha!  So nice!  Johnny is the Note writer!  Such a cool thing to think ahead and have these notes written by his sister!

The Challenge Vendettas Johnny & Jemmye

I wonder how long he can keep it up without being found out!  So far, here are the suspects as the house sees them:

The Challenge Vendettas Note Writing Suspects
Shane, Cara Maria, Jemmye, Marie, & Britni

Devin is a bully.  I can see where Natalie is coming from we haven’t seen any evidence that she’s talked any game with anybody other than Johnny and really I’m not sure how much game they’ve actually talked.

Yes, they’re together, and yes it’s obvious that they’re together, but, I don’t know that she would take him to the end of the game.  Would she ride him to the end of the game?  Yes, but, I doubt if it came down to her and Johnny and she could choose Johnny or somebody else to take, I don’t think she’d choose Johnny because she knows that he could beat her.

The Challenge Vendettas Johnny & Natalie

I do not think this is a fair fight.  I think the mercenaries are going to kill these contestants.  I think that Kam has no clue how tenacious Anissa is, Joss is not even giving Derek his due, Shane is just awestruck with Jordan so who knows how that’s going to go, and Anissa is a beast.

The Challenge Vendettas Mercenaries
Jordan, Tori, Anissa, Derek

Jordan totally just ran right over Shane…  Jordan wins.

The Challenge Vendettas Jordan

Veronica breaks her finger when she goes up against Anissa…. OUCH!

We see on the previews for this season that there were two set of these “mercenaries”, I was thinking they were going to come back in the game.  But, TJ didn’t mention that last night, so, maybe not.  I guess there will be a second double elimination thought, if 4 more mercenaries are coming…

The Challenge Vendettas: Johnny Bananas

The Challenge Vendettas:  Pulling The Strings
Article Name
The Challenge Vendettas: Pulling The Strings
The Challenge Vendettas: Pulling The Strings. Johnny is pulling the strings, as always. He is a tremendous outwitter... he might do well on Survivor. He is just so good at mind game play. Most people don't even see it coming. Devin only wishes he had Johnny's game - he tries but, he's terrible at it.

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