The Challenge Vendettas: Notes On A Scandal

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Who Is The Ghost Note Writer?

The Callenge Vendettas Ghost Note Writer

A mysterious player leaves mean notes in the girls’ room, causing havoc with their game as they all try to figure out the culprit. When one player becomes a prime suspect, she has a breakdown. The bromance between Victor and Shane fractures into a newfound vendetta.  The Challenge:  Vendetta’s, Season 31, Episode 6, Notes On A Scandal, Aired 2/6/2018

The person who left the note on Britni’s bed kind of looked like a guy to me, I know it was all fuzzy, but I suppose it could have been Marie.  I have watched it a few times and the arm swinging and kinda being hunched over as they leave the room – could be a guy… We know it wasn’t Shane, he was laying on the floor, we saw that.  Cara was grinning about it, but it looked like the person who did it was kind of hunched a little bit and she’s not hunched over. It could have been Devin…

That stinks that Sylvia didn’t get to use her grenade, but, I really was worried about how sick she was, because, it was lingering for quite some time she might have pneumonia…

I was born and raised in Florida so I’m a water girl, but, this is a little concerning to me the breathing underwater… I guess I just have a healthy respect of the water and it’s power.  This would scare me.  When I get deep underwater I worry about not being able to get to the top before I run out of air.  Watching them go to the top when they’re done, that’s a long way 15 feet up…

I completely agree with Shane about the Troika.

The Challenge Vendetta Shane, Victor, & Devin The Troika

Why in the world would they not throw Joss in?  How are Shane and Devin supposed to beat Brad?  Maybe Victor can, I know he came back in Big Brother but I don’t remember if it was a physical challenge… Still Joss would have been the one that they should have in there to go against Brad if they want Brad out of the house.

The Callenge Vendettas Ghost Note Writer

The Challenge Vendettas:  Notes On A Scandal
Article Name
The Challenge Vendettas: Notes On A Scandal
Who is the ghost note writer? On this episode of The Challenge Vendettas we see a "ghost" leaving notes on Britni's bed, but, we can't see who it is. It looks like a guy to me, but, the girls think it's Marie. Who do you think it is?

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