The Challenge: Vendettas: Cheaters Never Win

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Cheaters Never Win

Melissa pulls Sylvia's hair on The Challenge: Vendettas

When one of the players falls ill, their true strength in the game is tested. Kayleigh is fed up with her vendetta Melissa, whose antics culminate in an explosive fight that rocks the Challenge house.  The Challenge:  Vendetta’s, Season 31, Episode 5, Guilty By Association, Aired 1/30/2018

I feel horrible about Sylvia being so sick and having to be voted in…

Sick Sylvia Wrapped In A Blanket The Challenge Vendettas

I just love it when Jemmye assess the situations in her diary room sessions!  She is always dead on and hilarious!

Jemmye The Challenge: Vendettas

Someone needed to have told Melissa that this is not how we play this game, we do not bite, pull hair, and cheat, to try to win.  It is straight up you win fair and square or you lose.  Sylvia didn’t pull one dirty move.  She was sick and straight up did it right!  Melissa deserves to lose – playing that way!  I am shocked Sylvia didn’t hit her.

How long has Nicole known this girl 36 hours?!  Nicole needs to find a girlfriend outside of The Challenge, if that’s what she wants, but, this game is not her only place to find a love connection…

Nicole looking sad as Melissa loses and leaves The Challenge: Vendettas

What in the world?!  She comes in this house and she flits around from girl to girl trying to find somebody to spend the rest of her life with and then she balls like a baby when they leave 48 hours after she meets them…

After the fight Melissa had with Kam and how she was using Nicole, it’s probably best that she went home.  Now Sylvia has to decide which grenade to use.

Melissa pulls Sylvia's hair on The Challenge: Vendettas as Leroy, Kailah, and Nicole look on incredulously

The Challenge:  Vendettas:  Cheaters Never Win
Article Name
The Challenge: Vendettas: Cheaters Never Win
The Challenge: Vendettas: Cheaters Never Win. Sylvia was very sick and Melissa pulled her hair, kneed her, kicked her in the head, and bit her... even if she weren't sick no one does that on The Challenge, it's just poor sportsmanship!

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