The Challenge Dirty Thirty: Who Won $450K?

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The Challenge Dirty Thirty: Who Won $450K?

The Challenge Dirty Thirty: Who Won $450K? This reunion was FULL of drama. Who did you want to see win? Who would you want to see in the next season?

Wow!  There was a lot going on in this finale!

CT and Tori a champ and a rookie take 3rd place.

Let’s jump right into the drama that came before the winners were announced:

Kailah says she doesn’t know why people don’t like her, she says maybe it’s because she doesn’t try to get to know people.  Then she’s yelling at everybody and up in their face about everything, for pretty much the rest of the reunion I would say that was probably why people don’t like her.  I think Kailah is a whiner and she is screaming and won’t let anybody else talk.   Cara I can’t even finish a sentence without her yelling at her.  Bottom line is Kayla didn’t make it…. she got Cara out, Cara came back, Kailah did not make it to the end, Cara did… Kailah is not a threat to Cara Maria.  If she’s such a threat then why was she out and back in and you ended up going home and not to the end?


I really feel bad for Tony’s girlfriend because she’s in a bad spot, she has a kid with him so it’s harder to leave him.  If she didn’t have a kid she could just say “see you later, sucker”.  But, the problem is it’s going to happen again.  There’s just probably no way around it.  He’s not committed to her because even blackout drunk if he were committed to her he wouldn’t have done anything with Camila or anyone else.

But, Cara is right he probably needs to stop drinking.  Some people need to not drink because they can’t handle it, they overdo it, they get blackout drunk, and then they get really stupid like Camila.

I also agree with Cara when she says guys cover for guys, girls may or may not cover for girls, but, the problem is people always think the girl is the one that’s causing the issue, not the guy, “guys will be guys” and they just do whatever they’re going to do, we should just let it go.  But, the girl should know better, she should not get involved in this relationship, she should not be doing this.

For me, I hold Tony, in this situation, to a higher standard because Camila was not attached and Tony said okay.  Like I said before if he were really committed, even blackout drunk, he wouldn’t have done it.  But, somewhere in his mind he’s not.  I would say the same thing if Camila had a kid at home and a significant other and Tony came on to her and she fell for his advances, that would be Camila because she should have had the resolve to stand strong in and for her relationship.  They’re both wrong but, I put a bigger weight on the person who has something that’s supposed to be grounding for them, that they’re building, and they just threw it all away for a short, fun experience.

Leroy pretty much said what I was saying about the blackout drunk thing, he said a lot of times people are saying how they really feel when they’re blackout drunk.  Which is true, they behave as their true, uninhibited self.  Which goes right back to what I was saying about Tony, his true uninhibited self is not fully committed to his relationship (or wasn’t at the time).  Leroy is saying that Camila’s true feelings came out when she was drunk and going off on him.  It showed who she really was, she wasn’t hiding anything anymore.

The Challenge Dirty Thirty: Who Won $450K? This reunion was FULL of drama. Who did you want to see win? Who would you want to see in the next season?

Leroy handled himself incredibly well.  I felt like for him to stay in there and have the presence of mind to know she’s drunk, she’s going to feel really bad about this tomorrow, and really there’s nothing he can do, to argue with a drunk person, that’s just dumb.  It won’t get you anywhere and he knew that and it was better just to be quiet and let her do this in front of everybody and let people see who she really is. Then she had to deal with that herself the next day, even if she didn’t realize that that’s how she felt, now she knows and she has to deal with it, so, Leroy handled it so well on all points.  It was awful that he had to go through that.  I do think he had a lot of support in the house to help him through it, but, no one should have to go through it.  It’s just ignorance….  we are all the same color on the inside, who cares what color you are on the outside.  It’s who you are as a person, you can be a bad person, or a good person, and you can be purple it doesn’t matter what color you are, AT ALL.  Aneesa said if Camilla had done to her what she did to Leroy that she probably would have done the same thing Leroy did, step back and let her just go….. I kind of don’t feel like that’s what Aneesa would have done LOL… I really feel like Aneesa would have thrown a punch, and it would have been a brawl.  She’s just not that quiet, laid-back, and thoughtful like Leroy is. I think that she’s way more impulsive than he is.

Leroy was absolutely right when he said that every season Camila comes back, blows up, and loses her cool on somebody.  She’s not learning from seeing herself on TV season after season.  She must be okay with how she’s seen on TV.

I would think anybody else being on TV would change things after  they saw themselves.

We’ve seen it with the Real Housewives franchise those women will come on and they’ll see themselves in one season and be like “oh gosh, I really was not right to her” or “I really did some crazy things and I need to change that”  Sonya from The Real Housewives of New York decided that she needed to stop drinking, and Porsha from The Real Housewives of Atlanta decided that she needed some anger management.

That’s kind of the course that most people would take when something like this happens, but, with Camila season after season after season we see the Camilanator, which is something that is kind of been celebrated because it’s a well-known thing and nobody’s really fought against it until now.

According to The Ashley:  Camila is not at this reunion, and some stuff  happened on The Challenge:  Champs Vs. Stars that premiered right after the Dirty Thirty Reunion Finale that got her in more trouble and she probably will not be on another challenge.

See how Aneesa got so upset with Veronica and was yelling at her stone cold sober?

The Challenge Dirty Thirty: Who Won $450K? This reunion was FULL of drama. Who did you want to see win? Who would you want to see in the next season?

That’s another thing that leads me to believe that Aneesa would not have just stood there like Leroy if Camila started going off.

I am completely shocked, I just knew it would be Jordan and Cara, to have it be Jordan and Camilla? Wow… Well, I guess if Camila will never be invited back, at least she got a good chunk of change on the way out…

The Challenge Dirty Thirty: Who Won $450K? This reunion was FULL of drama. Who did you want to see win? Who would you want to see in the next season?

The Challenge Dirty Thirty:  Who Won $450K?
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The Challenge Dirty Thirty: Who Won $450K?
The Challenge Dirty Thirty: Who Won $450K? This reunion was FULL of drama. Who did you want to see win? Who would you want to see in the next season?

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