The Amazing Race: The First Rule Of Amazing Race Club

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The Final Four:  Who Do You Want To Win?

The Amazing Race The Final Four

It’s a first as the Racers travel to Bahrain. While on the road, one team’s game is on the line when one of them misplaces their passport.  The Amazing Race, Season 30, Episodes 9 & 10, The First Rule Of Race Club, Aired 2/14/2018 

Ocean Rescue lost one of their passports.  I can’t even wrap my head around what you would have to do in another country if you lost your passport.  I mean how would you get to where you had to go especially in this kind of race?   You have such a short time between each task it would be so difficult to think straight about it.

The Amazing Race: Team Ocean Rescue At The Airport

It’s beginning to look like Cody’s running this race by himself!  Jess can’t carry the logs, she can’t pick up frogs, she can’t milk the camel… what can she do?!

Team Ocean Rescue goes home, they were never able to recover after losing the passport.

The Amazing Race Team Ocean rescue Goes Home

I get that the Frog challenge probably seemed easier, and maybe it was, but boy, the people at the frog challenge have no clue what they’re missing!  To be able to see up close and personal and interact with these gorgeous elephants and the babies!  That’s something they’ll never forget… I guess I’ll never forget traipsing around in the mud chasing bullfrogs in Thailand, either!  LOL

The Amazing Race: Team Yale Petting An Elephant

After watching Jess and Cody on Big Brother, it is bizarre to see:  number one – people actually like Cody, and number two – people think he’s awesome at what he does.

On Big Brother he was Public Enemy Number One from day one.  He spent most of his time in the Big Brother house with this creepy death stare:The Amazing Race Cody's Death Stare

Okay, the roadblock is impossible.  I would not eat scorpions, bugs, and frogs.  And I would not let them crawl on me.  So, I think the roadblock is impossible.  However, you have to give the show props for coming up with a way to make them do the challenge faster.  Having their partner subjected to scorpions crawling on them until they were done eating!  Smart!

It’s a non-elimination leg so they’re all still in the race!

The two-hour finale is next… Who do you want to see the win?

The Amazing Race: Final Four

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