The Amazing Race: All’s Fair In Love & War

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They Went Down Dancing & Smiling!

The Amazing Race: Twins

For the first time, Racers swap teammates for an entire leg. Also, the game becomes ruthless with another double U-turn.  The Amazing Race, Season 30, Episodes 7 & 8, All’s Fair In Love & War, Aired 2/7/2018

Wow, I did not expect this team swapping leg to be so hard for them to check in when the leg was over.  This is so different from other seasons.  Just because you make it to the check-in first – it doesn’t always mean you’ll end up in first place.  That has to be so frustrating.

It’s funny that the team that Cody and Jess hooked up with are like mirrors of themselves.  Jess and Kristi can’t drive a stick and Cody and Jen can.  If they had not switched teams there was one on each team that could have driven a stick.

The Amazing Race Jess & Cody, Jen & Kristi

I don’t know how they can do this horseback riding through this area and not just be in complete awe of all the animals and the beauty around them.

Rhinos In Africa

That’s the problem with the Amazing Race, the contestants fly all around the world to all these places and it seems they are only in each place for a super short amount of time, and then they have to just keep moving and they don’t get to see anything.  You can say you took a trip around the world, but, you can’t say a ton about each place because you never saw it!

I don’t know what the Eric & Henry were thinking as they drove their Jeep directly into the water as slow as they could and then turned directly towards the Jeep that was stuck in the water already… That was nuts.. lol

Well this is hard from first to last because Jess and Kristi couldn’t figure out their task at the end. But, the funny thing is is Cody hasn’t said anything negative and neither has Kristi that Jess is working with.  However, Jess and Jen that Cody’s working with were both negative about how everything went, lol that’s kind of funny.

So, on the next leg some of the contestants didn’t know what a Haberdashery was, here’s the definition if you weren’t sure either:

the goods and wares sold by a haberdasher.
the shop of a haberdasher.
plural noun: haberdasheries

That was so cool of team Indy Car to help team Big Brother instead of throw them off because all they had to do was say it’s on the left halfway down or something and not tell them about the stairs. Or tell them anything else, that was very nice of them

The singing and dancing was killer for most of them.

The Amazing Race Alex & Conor Dance & Sing

It’s so hard to get some place first and then not be able to leave first because everybody piles up and you get behind and you have to wait in line to go again.  That seems to be the theme of this season, for sure.

The twins go home…

The Amazing Race Twins

The Amazing Race:  All's Fair In Love & War
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The Amazing Race: All's Fair In Love & War
The Amazing Race: All's Fair In Love & War. The twins went down dancing & smiling! It was a tough last challenge & they just couldn't do it in time. We're getting down to it now & things are getting more cut throat & with all the new changes making it harder to be first when you get there first, things are only going to get tougher from here!

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