Summer House: Smashelorette

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The Weekend Both Ashley & Lindsay Failed At Their Objectives

Summer House Ashley Wirkus & Lindsay

Lauren’s twin sister, Ashley, is back in the Hamptons for their older sister’s bachelorette weekend and she is not happy to see how cozy Carl and Lauren have gotten. Lindsay goes on her first date since Everett with a hot younger man. Kyle takes a big step with Amanda during a romantic dinner. And Stephen finally puts his issues with Carl out on the table.  Summer House, Season 2, Episode 5, Smashelorette, Aired 2/19/2018

Oh my, Ashley showed up and it looks like Carl and Lauren are going down… LOL

Summer House: Ashley Wirkus & Carl Radke

Ashley’s just too over-the-top in all this mess, and Stevens just egging her on.  She finds guys for Lauren at the bachelorette, she spies on her at the pool with Carl… she’s too over the top with all this.

Carl’s not very good with confrontation, Amit asked him to be confrontational with Steven to sit down and discuss something and he’s not going to want to do that.  I’m not sure Steven’s very good at it either. I think he’d rather sneak behind your back and complain about you.  But, even when Ashley was dressing him down at the Bachelorette he was very nervous and he kept rubbing his hair he kept kind of turning and he was doing every mannerism that let you know that he was not comfortable in that situation.

Then when Lauren asked him to take up for her with Ashley he didn’t want to do it, it’s just not his nature to be in a confrontation or be confrontational.

Ashley tells Lauren “we’re not seeing eye-to-eye right now so we should just agree to disagree..”. I think that ship sailed…  lol

And this dress that Lindsay has on on on her date is not flattering… I could think of a hundred other dresses that she could have worn or styles that would have been flattering, this one is not.  Unless she’s wanting to tell the world she’s open for business… eek.

And… The ride home on the first date it is pretty sloppy, too…

That’s the perfect way to scare someone off in a hurry – that would seem to be the opposite of what she wanted..

Summer House Ashley Wirkus & Lindsay

Summer House:  Smashelorette
Article Name
Summer House: Smashelorette
Summer House: Smashelorette. This weekend Ashley came in with the intent to break up Lauren & Carl, but, she came in too hot and failed... Lindsay came in with the intent of having her first date since Everett and sleeping with him... she blew it royally...

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