Summer House: Don’t Poke The Bear

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Are Daneille & Stephen Jealous Of Carl & Lauren’s Relationship?

Summer House: Lauren & Carl

With the summer house finally back to its free-spirited, hard partying ways, Amanda begins to show her frustration with Kyle’s continued boozy behavior and decides to let him have a weekend to himself. Lindsay gets in touch with her ex, Everett after failing to forget about him. Meanwhile, Lauren and Carl appear to have moved past the fiasco from the 4th and are back to being friends (with benefits) but Danielle continues to be an unwelcome third party in their relationship.   Summer House, Season 2, Episode 4, Don’t Poke The Bear, Aired 2/12/2018

Kyle said he had a hard day and a hard week and that’s why he was drinking so much… So he has a hard day and a hard week all the time?  Because he’s always drunk.

Judging by Lauren’s phone call with Ashley, things will not be pretty once Ashley arrives.

Carl may be right Danielle maybe meddling a bit.  She seems nice, but, I think there’s these passive aggressive type things going on underneath.

I think that Steven is jealous of Carl and Lauren spending time together because they spend less time with him.  I think the Danielle is becoming closer to Stephen because they’re in the same boat…

Summer House Stephen & Danielle

Lauren if you have to tell Carl to respect you when your sister’s around… That’s just the very beginning of the trouble you’ve got.

The Shabbat dinner that Amit put together is so cool.  The fact that they’re all sitting down and calmly enjoying it and enjoying each other’s company and learning something new.  I love it!

Lauren and Carl think that this car ride home with Kyle is a hard deal to get through, wait till Ashley shows up.

There’s a lot more Summer House to come, just wait until Ashley shows up!  Looks like it’s going to be a game changer!

I think everyone should leave Carl and Lauren alone – she knows what it’s like to be with him, and to be without him.  She knows how it feels when they break up – she’s choosing to go again, She’s a big girl…

Summer House: Lauren & Carl

Summer House:  Don't Poke The Bear
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Summer House: Don't Poke The Bear
Summer House: Don't Poke The Bear. This episode, Carl & Lauren are making it known to people to stay out of their business. To me, Danielle is jealous, and so is Stephen. Everyone else is worried for Lauren's feelings. I think Lauren knows full well what she's getting in to so... I say leave them alone,

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