Summer House: Bonfire Insanity

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Don’t Drink & Friend

Summer House Lindsay & Lauren Fighting In Bayhroom

Tensions are running high in the house after the craziness of the 4th of July party, and Lindsay finds herself in the middle of the drama after Lauren’s cake-to-Carl’s-face meltdown. The crew sets off for a sunset sail and beach bonfire, where these tensions boil over into drama of epic proportions. After a short-but-busy week at work, the housemates return the Hamptons, where Kyle and Amanda’s relationship faces setbacks. In an effort to smooth over all the rifts and tension in the house, Danielle gains her housemates access to a very special place in the Hamptons with hopes that it will bring them all back to harmony.  Summer House, Season 2, Episode 3, Bonfire Insanity, Aired 2/5/2018

Again, when you’ve had too much to drink is not the time to sort out relationships…

They’re doing a little drinking from the boat to the island, I’m not convinced that they’re drunk at this point but… I really like Lauren but I think this argument with Lindsay is all about Lauren…

Summer House Lauren & Lindsay Fighting On The Beach

She’s a little discombobulated, maybe that’s because Ashley is not around maybe it’s easier for her to deal with life when Ashley is around.

Lauren & Ashley Wirkus Twins

Stephen is so jealous, he’s jealous that Lauren and Carl are together because it means that he can’t spend time with Lauren and Carl anymore, he’s jealous that Amit is spending time with Carl because it means that he can’t spend time Carl anymore… That’s not exactly what that means it’s just what it means in his head.

I have seen plenty of rooms get kind of quiet or change the conversation when the person that’s being talked about walks in, but when Carl walks in that kitchen and it falls completely silent that was hilarious!

Summer House Lindsay & Lauren Fighting In The Bathroom

Summer House:  Bonfire Insanity
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Summer House: Bonfire Insanity
Don't Drink & Friend. On this season of Summer House I think Lauren is not handling things so well without Ashley around to maybe help her work through all this Carl stuff. The drinking definitely isn't helping. Carl drinks and makes everyone mad, Kyle drinks and is mean or totally out of it, Lindsay drinks and thinks about Everett... they are all a mess - Don't drink and friend!

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