Staycation Ideas

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Staycation Ideas

Need great ideas for your staycation? For couples or families - we have you covered!

Have you ever thought about a staycation?  Vacations can get over expensive in a hurry.  There are many ways to save for and on a vacation and many resources, too.  But, sometimes a staycation makes more sense.  Less stress in planning, less financial burden on the family, and more time to actually “cation” since there’s no travel involved in a staycation.

Sometimes we are so involved day to day in our own lives that we have to have someone on the outside from another place to remind us that there are awesome things to do in our own town and surrounding areas!  Local history museums, national parks, amusement parks, landmarks, local attractions.

It just takes a little planning – which you’d do anyway if you were to take a vacation away from home.  It might also take a little budgeting, so be sure to click here to get your own free printable Monthly Budget Worksheet.

Free Printable Family Monthly Budget Worksheet


Let’s take a look at how you can plan an inexpensive staycation.

Friends And Family Movie/Game Night

Allow everyone a certain number of guests they can invite and plan a movie and/or game night.  Have everyone bring movies and games, snacks and drinks and enjoy!  You can also order pizza if that’s more your thing.  Maybe even rent a suite at a local hotel to host your night!

Midnight Pool Party

We used to do this for our kids birthdays.  They loved it – we’d have a sleepover and rent the local pool at midnight for a late night swim!

Shaving Cream Fight

Another favorite of our kids.  I always kept a stash of shaving cream (super cheap just don’t get menthol… not the best for this use 🙂 ) in the house.  We never knew when a shaving cream fight might break out.  I remember my brother and nephew were visiting during one such time.  One son came running down the stairs with the second chasing him… the second had a face full of shaving cream – out the front door they went – the fight was on!  The rest of us grabbed more cans and headed outside.  My brother and nephew weren’t quite sure what to think.  When it was over our nephew – 7 – was covered head to toe…. so, my teen boys lowered him into the pool a few times to “rinse”!  lol  Those are times I know they’ll remember as much as or even more than the vacations we took.  Make some memories.

Turn Off All Devices

Oh MY!  This will be the test of who can last without them.  But, after a few hours or days with no devices, including computers you might be shocked at how refreshed you’ll feel.

Try New Things

Try bungee jumping, zip lining, sky diving, take a cooking or dancing class.  Step out and of something new.  You might find a new activity you can’t live without!

Ask Friends And Family For Ideas

Some of their everyday activities or places to visit might be some place you’ve never been.

Check Out Local Tourist Attractions

Find your local areas tourist attractions.  Historic local places can be a great way to learn more about and fall more in love with where you live.   be sure to check deal sites like Groupon to find the best deals on those local attractions, too.

Make It A Themed Staycation

Let each member of the family choose the theme and activities for that day.  Whether it be all day at the movies, shopping, museums, bike riding and picnic.  That way each member of the family is invested in having fun.  Don’t forget the camera – there are memories waiting to be made and recorded!

For Adults

Tour Your Local Eateries

Plan lunch (to help keep costs down) at all of the places you’ve been wanting to try, or at places you’ve never heard of or been to before.  You might find a new favorite place or two!

Do A Happy Hour Pub Crawl

During happy hour most pubs offer great deals on food and drinks.  this is a great time to try out new places, too.

Tour Local Winery Or Brewery

It can be fascinating to see how your Happy Hour beverages are produced.  Some come with great history for the area, as well as tastings, of course!  When you’re at your favorite pub it’s fun to see the local beverages on the menu.

Try A Coffee Shop Crawl

Check out coffee shops you’ve never been to before – you might find a new favorite Cup of Joe!

Book a local hotel stay

I remember one time we went to a local hotel about 30 minutes away and it was an area we don’t frequent so, it was very much like being out of town.

What would your staycation look like?  Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Need great ideas for your staycation? For couples or families - we have you covered!

Staycation Ideas
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Staycation Ideas
Need great ideas for your staycation? For couples or families - we have you covered!

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