Shark Tank: Smoked Fish Dip, Robots, DNA, & Richard Branson

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Smoked Fish Dip, Robots, DNA, & Richard Branson

Shark Tank:  Smoked Fish Dip, Robots, DNA, & Richard Branson.  What was your favorite from these episodes?  Who is your favorite guest Shark so far this season?

I see that Richard Branson is back for a second round after he and Mark Cuban threw water on each other the last time he was on.



The GrypMat is a 2×1 rubberized, flexible non-slip material. Designed to give mechanics a reliable location to set tools/hardware on any abnormal surface without worry of sliding tools/hardware or scratching the surface.

The GrypMat is a great way to stay organized to avoid lost tools or hardware.

  • A mechanics best friend and perfect gift idea
  • Highly functional for multiple industries like auto, motocross, aviation and more
  • High-performance, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, chemical resistant, anti-static, rubber tool mat
  • Durable yet flexible, allowing you to fold or roll up for easy storage
  • Revolutionize your workflow and protect your investment while keeping your tools and hardware in place

I loved it when they asked him what his offer was for multiple Sharks and he said “…depends on which Sharks…”  lol

He got a deal for $360,000 for 30% from Richard, Mark, and Lori

Update:  Doorbot – Season 5

Ring Video Doorbell

Doorbot on season 5 got no deal and then later rebranded as Ring – which we have all heard of.  They were doing so well, Richard Branson reached out to them to invest and partner with them.  He now owns 5% of the company

See, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
Get instant alerts when visitors press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors.
Watch over your home in crystal-clear HD video. Dimensions : 4.98 x 2.43 x 87 inches
Protect your home – day or night – with infrared night vision.
Communicate with visitors via two-way audio with noise cancellation.
Check-in on your property at any time, and get streaming video and audio with Live View.
Set up your Doorbell in minutes with the included tool kit and installation guide.



Signing up on DNAsimple is free. Every time we match you to a research study looking for someone with your background, we compensate you at least $50 for your participation – and this happens every time you qualify for a study.

He made a deal with Mark for $200,000 for 15%


Robotic lawn mowing service.

Get Your Price
Enter your address to get a price.

Select Services
Mowing only or full-service including regular edging, trimming, weeding and other outdoor needs.

Robin Pro Technician will install a perimeter wire around your yard, setup the robot to mow all grass areas, and ensure everything is working properly.

Robin will regularly maintain the robot including changing the blades and storage during winter months — you only pay for months the robot is installed!

No deal

Smart Gurlz Siggy

Toys that encourage girls to code!Smart Gurlz Siggy

SmartGurlz® is a brand new line of fashion dolls and self-balancing scooter that engage girls ages 5 and up in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

SmartGurlz has received multiple awards including a grant by the Danish government for developing STEM educational toys. It has also won the “Girl Power” award at the 2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair for making tech toys for girls.

Download the kid friendly SugerCoded™ app on any smart phone or tablet (iOS 9+ or Android).

SugarCoded™ provides multiple levels of play and learning. E-BOOKS – Learn about individual Smartgurlz® characters through a series of stories. FREEPLAY – Control your Siggy using the direction pad or preset commands.

Create and record routines. Save your favorites. PATH – Draw a path and Siggy will follow it. LEARN, SUGAR CODED, and MISSIONS – Learn basic coding logic to execute a series of tasks with easy to use drag and drop

Google Blockly commands.

Nearly 1 hour of play on a 9v alkaline battery (not included), or about twice as long using Siggy Power™ USB rechargeable Li-po battery (sold separately).

She got a $200,000 deal for 25% with Daymond

Reely Hooked Fish Co.

Reely Hooked Fish Co.

Smoked fish dip.  Now, I am from Florida, and since moving away I can honestly say I have not had any smoked fish dip.  Smoked fish dip is definitely great.

Two Florida Native Wildland Firefighters with a major fishing problem perfected family recipes over the course of many years. The authentic style Floridian dishes were a major hit at every party and event where they were served! The secret to their recipe was a combination of a tedious experiment, and mixing only the freshest ingredients. After years of family and friends proclaiming their worth, they decided to take their special recipe to market. Steve and James’ signature seafood item was …… are you ready for it? A magnificent smoked fish dip made with chunks of smoked Kingfish caught on their boat from the Atlantic Ocean.

I don’t think we even need to sell you on how amazing this stuff is. It has been deemed the “crack” of all appetizers. There has been family feuds started at the dinner table over the last scoop. People have died …. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but seriously – all the stuff before this is true! Steve and James guarantee is a promise to their foodie friends that you will be Reely Hooked after one scoop of their homemade fish dip.

Being firefighters first and foremost, Steve and James vouch to donate a portion of their proceeds from the purchase of every container sold. After all, serving as a firefighter is an oath they took to give back to their community. Together they researched a variety of Wildland Firefighter foundations and carefully selected a charity that helps fund families coping with the tragic loss of a fallen family member on the fire line. 5% of our annual profits will be contributed to them..

We would like to close this by saying to let this be a message to all the wives out there that think their husbands spend too much time on the water. He may just be turning his hobby into an enterprise.

They got a deal for $75,000 for 25% from Mark

The Cut Buddy

A guide to help men cut their own hair and beards without making mistakes.

The Cut BuddyMultiple Curves – 3 Curve Sizes/Angles instead of just 1! Don’t limit yourself to one curve. We all have different size heads.
Always have a beard or hairline with perfect lines and curves.
Bonus tracing pencil with every product. Perfect for barbers and salons using hair fibers.
Works on beards, mustache, hairlines. Great tool for barbers and salons.
Flexible – The body of the product is flexible for adjusting to all hairlines/beard

He got a deal for $300,000 for 20% from Daymond

Update:  Scrub Daddy After A Deal With Lori

Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy has done very well with Lori’s help.

They have several new products and the newest is the Scrub Daisy which I think is adorable – I’d love one!

Scrub Daisy


A plush toy/blanket made for kids by 2 teachers.Slumberkins

What is soft, cuddly, and oh so snuggly… why a Slumber Sloth of course! These loveable little creatures are designed to promote positive attachments and are sure to become your little ones fave. Slumber Sloth is accompanied by a Slumberkins Affirmation Card that promotes relaxation and sleep. Download the free Sleepytime Rhyme to practice the interactive routine with your little one at bed time! Meadow is made of ULTRA-PLUSH, polyester plush minky fabric, wool felt, cotton embroidery thread, and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill. Size: 37cm long and 25cm wide at the feet. Because Slumberkins are handmade, with hand-embroidered elements, slight differences may occur from one finished creature to the next. Slumberkins are intentionally designed without any small, detachable plastic pieces. Due to fibre shedding, we do not recommend our ultra-plush fabric products for babies in the teething stages.

No deal


A super fast way to chill wine to the proper temperature in seconds.

Mark came back in and stole that deal right out from underneath Kevin!  Kevin is so ticked!

He got a deal for 100,000 for 25% from Mark

Did you enjoy these 2 episodes?  Did you see anything you’d like to buy?  I think I’d like the Scrub Daisy, I’d like to try the Smoked Fish dip, and I’d love a Ring Video Doorbell.

Shark Tank:  Smoked Fish Dip, Robots, DNA, & Richard Branson.  What was your favorite from these episodes?  Who is your favorite guest Shark so far this season?


Shark Tank:  Smoked Fish Dip, Robots, DNA, & Richard Branson
Article Name
Shark Tank: Smoked Fish Dip, Robots, DNA, & Richard Branson
Shark Tank: Smoked Fish Dip, Robots, DNA, & Richard Branson. What was your favorite from these episodes? Who is your favorite guest Shark so far this season?

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