Shark Tank: Season 9 Episode 22

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Super Coffee, Avocados, A Solar Grill, & Gaming Glasses

Shark Tank:  Avocado Toast, Solar Grill, Gaming Glasses, Super Coffee

An entrepreneur from San Clemente, California, pitches his eyewear design; an entrepreneur from New York City introduces the world to healthy fast food; an entrepreneur from Burlingame, California, shows the Sharks they can cook anywhere under the sun with her portable solar invention; and brothers from Arlington, Virginia, present their all-natural super beverage.  Shark Tank, Season 9, Episode 22, Aired 2/11/2018

Gunnar Optiks Glasses

Gunnar Optiks

  • Protect Your Eyes – High Energy Blue Light emitted by electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones have shown to increase the risk of accumulated damage to the retina, cataracts, sleep disorders and macular degeneration.

  • Block Blue Light – Block 65% of harmful blue light, 100% of UV. Prevent short-term and long-term damage like macular degeneration, cataracts, and the reduction of melatonin production.

  • Sleep Better – Block blue light and reduce eye strain that affects your bodies circadian rhythms and prevents healthy restorative restful sleep you need to perform daily and prevent health issues

  • Reduce Eye Strain – minimize headaches, dry eye and eye fatigue with added amber lens contrast, anti reflective coatings and patented focusing power 0.20 mag

  • Comfort and Protection – light weight durable comfortable frame materials fit ergonomically with your face and head, FDA Approved. Rested eyes, no headaches, better sleep, no eye damage caused by blue light from digital devices = happier people and world.

He got a deal with Lori for a $750,000 loan at 8% interest and 5% stake in the company

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Shark Tank:  Cellphone

Update:  Honeyfund

Honeyfund’s #1 online wedding gift registry makes it easy to give and receive the perfect wedding gift — one that reflects your unique style and makes giving fun for your wedding guests!

As the world’s most popular crowdfunding site for weddings, honeymoons, down payments, charities and more, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of couples make their newlywed dreams come true with our easy-to-use fundraising platform.

They did a deal with Kevin

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Shark Tank:  Avocado Toast


Avocaderia is a fast casual avocado based eatery located in Brooklyn, New York. Founded on the principles of offering people a fresh, healthy, and tasty meal – we use delicious avocado in every dish on our menu, from savory toasts to delectable smoothies and so much more.

He made a deal with Mark and Barbara:  $400,000 for a 20% stake in his restaurant.

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Shark Tank:  Solsource Grill


Easy to use, clean and safe

The cookware heats up five times faster than traditional charcoal. That means you can get cooking easier, faster. It is easy to clean and safe to use.

100% Pollution free cooking

The solar cooker operates with just direct sun light from our sun. No gas, no charcoal, no biomass – just inexhaustible solar energy.

100% Recyclable

We engineered our products for top outdoor performance while upholding rigorous ethical and environmental standards. This is a 100% recyclable product.

She got a QUICK deal from Mark:  $500,000 for 4% of her company

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Shark Tank:  Sunnyva Super Coffee

Sunnyva Super Coffee

About the product
  • NEW FORMULA: 100% sugar free and naturally sweetened with monk fruit.

  • DELICIOUS: Delicious blend of Organic Colombian Coffee with Coconut Oil MCTs for Energy and Protein for Power, a Super Coffee designed to deliver better energy for your mind and body.

  • ENERGY BOOSTING: Healthy fuel for morning workouts and focused energy for those late nights in the library.

  • FOCUS: 10g Protein and 90mg Caffeine in each 12oz bottle, with Focused Energy from Coconut Oil MCTs

  • FAMILY BUSINESS: It all started in our little brothers dorm room… Tired of unhealthy energy drinks, he wanted more from his day. Crafted out of necessity, Super Coffee is for those who refuse to settle. The way that it is, is not the way that it has to be. Create Your Future. – Jordan, Jake and Jimmy

No Deal

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Shark Tank:  Super Coffee, Avocados, A Solar Grill, & Gaming Glasses

Shark Tank:  Season 9 Episode 22
Article Name
Shark Tank: Season 9 Episode 22
Shark Tank: Season 9 Episode 22. This episode we saw super coffee, an avocado themed restaurant, a solar grill, computer glasses, and an update on Honeyfund.

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