Hell’s Kitchen: All Star Finale Michelle Wins

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Hell’s Kitchen: All Star Finale Michelle Wins

Hell's Kitchen Michelle Hugging Ben After She Wins

The three final All-Stars visit the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, Fla., where they participate in a final challenge before the final two are chosen.  Season 17, Episode 15, Final 3, Aired 2/2/2018


The final two choose one previous contestant from the season to help in the finale.  Season 17, Episode 16, All Star Finale, Aired 2/2/2018

More than once this season I’ve heard them talk about airline chicken or an airline chicken breast.  I had no idea what it was so I looked it up for both of us, in case you didn’t know either.

Airline chicken is a food dish comprising a boneless chicken breast with the drumette attached. Skin on breast with 1st wing joint and tenderloin attached, otherwise boneless. The cut is also known as a frenched breast. Wikipedia

Airline Chicken Breast on white place covered in white sauce

I get the rookies not catching on that when Chef Ramsay sends the finalists somewhere fun or relaxing, that they’re not actually there to relax they’re going to be cooking.

But, I am shocked that the vets fell for this awards dinner.  The emcee and the recipients looked way more like actors than chefs!  lol

Wow, I thought for sure it was going to be Nick and Michelle in the finale.

I called this whole finale wrong, I thought for sure the last two of the brigade chosen would be Elise and Van, I’m not sure what Ben was thinking choosing Van and not having to take Van. He willingly chose him… Makes no sense…

Hell's Kitchen Van

I would way rather work with Barbie and I think that Barbie is a decent chef, where I think Elise  is a wild-card as a chef, and she’s the crazy one.  I don’t know why they keep saying Barbie’s crazy, because Elise is absolutely crazy, she’s a nut.

Hell's Kitchen Elise

I agree with Nick, Elise needs to go home.

I can barely watch this finale, because Elise is just making me sick, she’s got such a superior attitude – did she forget she lost?!   Everything she’s doing  – laughing at the chef she is there to work under when Chef Ramsay calls her to the back…  smh – she has never been a team player.

Nick is on top of everything helping Michelle, that’s so cool of him – HE’S a team player!  He JUST LOST!  But, he is heart and soul into helping Michelle win!

Hell's Kitchen Nick And Elise

Michelle wins 🙂

Elise is a sore loser to the end.

Hell's Kitche Elise Crying At Finale Because SHE didn't win.So that’s a wrap until the next season of Hell’s Kitchen!

Hell's Kitchen Michelle Hugging Ben After She Wins

Hell's Kitchen:  All Star Finale Michelle Wins
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Hell's Kitchen: All Star Finale Michelle Wins
Hell's Kitchen: All Star Finale Michelle Wins! It was a great season and a great season finale. It's always fun to have all stars return and get another chance to win! Congrats Michelle!

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