Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 9

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Metta Never Even Figured Out What Show He Was On!

Celebrity Big Brother:  Metta & Julie

Which veto did America choose to shake up the game and will it be used to save either Ross or Brandi from eviction? Plus, who will be the next celebrity evicted from the house?  Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1, Episode 9, Aired 2/19/18

Marissa is right, and Brandi is stupid…. Because Omarosa didn’t know anything… Brandi is paranoid cause that’s how she gets and now she’s going to be stupid about it and let Omarosa know who is in an alliance together…

Okay so listening to Mark and James have a discussion, I’m again convinced that James is not all that brilliant, but Mark is pretty smart.  Mark is right, don’t rock the boat, don’t tip your hand, don’t tell Omarosa you are changing your vote, just blindside her.  I think that’s a good idea it’ll be two blindsides for her in the house, so far, but boy it would be cool if they can put her on the block and get her out this week and that would be a huge blindside.


So they’re playing for the VIP veto, which is the one I voted for, but, the more I think about it the one where they could name the replacement might have been the better one… But, hopefully being able to use it twice will be good too.

Oh, good Lord, my heart almost stopped when I saw Omarosa stop the clock and I thought she won the veto and then Julie said Ross won, thank heavens!Celebrity Big Brother Ross And Omarosa

Oh yes, Ross was so smart!  Had he used that second veto to take Brandi off Omarosa would most definitely have put Marissa up and that would have been bad.  As it stands now, Omarosa doesn’t know they were going to flip on her, the original 4 are still together and they and the guys can put Omarosa out next!

Metta goes home, he was one person Omarosa was counting on for her alliance, so the four don’t even need to make an alliance with James and Mark at all, I think the handwriting is on the wall for Omarosa for the next eviction, though.

What on earth is Metta talking about?!  He was playing a game?  He was playing a mental game?  He had them on their heels?  What gameplay?

Then he immediately follows that by telling Julie who he would have put ON the block if he had won the veto… You don’t put people on the block when you win The veto…  He left the game still not knowing what he was playing!

Celebrity Big Brother Metta & Julie

Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 9
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Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 9
Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 9. A lot happened and yet nothing happened. Omarosa doesn't know they flipped, the 4 are still together, the 4 don't need the other 2 guys... A lot & yet, nothing...

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