Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 8

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Ross & Brandi On The Block… For Now…

Celebrity Big Brother Ross & Brandi On The Block

Only eight celebrities are left in the game, who among them will rise to power as the next head of household? Also two houseguests are nominated for eviction.  Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1, Episode 8, Aired 2/18/18

Omarosa made the right choice by wearing her hat over her face so no one could tell how she was really feeling.  They thought she was really strong and could last and she even said she wasn’t.  But, James!  What was he thinking?!  Nobody wanted to put him up.  I bet they do now…

Well color me shocked.  If James had not made a deal with her though, chances are the next tilt of the wall would have seen Omarosa fall.  I never thought she’d win an HOH.

This is classic Brandi, this is what Brandi does.  She does things without thinking, normally under the heavy influence of alcohol, and then she tries to make everybody understand and THEN when people can’t understand she defends herself wildly and makes it out like she didn’t do anything wrong, then she becomes extremely defensive.  She slapped Lisa Vanderpump across the face one time and their friendship has never recovered.

She thought she was being funny and she was drunk, of course, and when Lisa didn’t find it funny, Brandi started blaming Lisa….  Just classic Brandi…

So, Omarosa thinks that Marissa and Ari are shady because they expected Brandi to be loyal… Let that sink in… First of all, this is coming from one of the most shady people ever, second of all, why is loyalty and expecting loyalty and honesty shady?  She’s a nut…

Omarosa puts Ross and Brandi on the block.

Celebrity Big Brother:  Ross & Brandi On The Block

Now, THIS is shade:

I really laughed out loud, Ross was hilarious!  lol

The live veto is still up in the air and with us voting on what power they get, it’s anyone’s guess who will be left on the block when it’s all said and done!

Celebrity Big Brother Ross & Brandi On The Block

Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 8
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Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 8
Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 8. Just a week left - and lots going on! Ross and Brandi are on the block, Omarosa won HOH after making a deal with James... my head is spinning!

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