Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 7

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Play Too Hard, Too Fast You’ll Find Yourself Out The Door

Celebrity Big Brother: Shannon

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either James or Shannon from eviction? Plus, who will be the next celebrity evicted from the house?  Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1, Episode 7, Aired 2/16/2018

Shannon was correct.  If Omarosa doesn’t want to answer questions she will change the subject and make it this long discussion with her being the only one speaking about why this is the more important point than the one that you asked about.

The only reason Omarosa thinks that Shannon is dangerous is because she’s afraid of Shannon.

I guess Marissa thinks James’ ego isn’t the size of Texas, but, it is.  She’s only adding to his humongous ego which is already annoying me beyond belief.  Does he think his over the top commentary on how good he is at everything is making America think he’s great?

I have watched Omarosa on many shows and she doesn’t care anything about someone shaking and crying and their heart breaking and yada yada.. she’s made many people cry and she hasn’t cared in the least.  But, she wants to make sure that Shannon votes for her to win if she makes it to the end.

They’re seriously considering bringing James into their alliance?!  Because his ego is so big I think he’s almost as untrustworthy on votes as Metta!

Wow… How desperate do you have to be to ask Metta to let you be his alliance partner?

I totally forgot the veto didn’t have everybody playing in it, I was so waiting for Metta to do this Cafe Noir competition, I thought it would be hilarious!

Now Ari has to decide between Mark and Omarosa as far as who to put up next to Shannon.  If it were me I would put Omarosa up and put Omarosa out of the house.  She’s already caused enough trouble, but, Omarosa is not going to win the HOH so there’s no worries there.   If you put her up she’s not coming after you because she’d have to win HOH to put you up and she’s not going to get it.  Mark has a much better chance of getting HOH than she does.  If you’re afraid you’ll be put up next week by whoever you put up this week, then don’t put Mark up.  He has a MUCH better chance to win HOH and put you up than Omarosa.

Celebrity Big Brother: Endurance Comp

Shannon goes home.  And the HOH endurance comp begins.

Celebrity Big Brother: Shannon

Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 7
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Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 7
Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 7. Shannon had a good shot at winning, but, so many people come in too fast and they get sent packing quickly.

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