Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 6

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Ari Puts James & Shannon On The Block

Celebrity Big Brother: Ari, James, & Shannon

Find out which celebrity rises to power and which ones end up on the chopping block.  Celebrity Big Brother:  Season 1, Episode 6, Aired 2/14/2018

I don’t understand why Brandi thought if Keshia left that her game would be ruined.  She wasn’t aligned with Keshia… I don’t understand her thinking.

Mark is absolutely right!   If Metta wins the HOH competition anybody on the planet is fair game for him to nominate! LOL

Are these people idiots?! Why the world would they tell Metta anything – he barely knows where he is half the time!  They told him the plan to get Shannon out.

It wouldn’t take a monkey to figure out that these people are going to put Shannon in, they’re ignoring her!   Even when she was up in the HOH room they weren’t even talking to her at all or looking at her.  Then down in the kitchen they’re ignoring her, how hard can it be to figure it out?!  Plus you should not be talking to Omarosa if you’re trying to make Shannon think that you’re going to get Omarosa out…

I get that Shannon is suspicious that they’re going to put her up on the block, but, holy cow to have a 3 second spin around meltdown and not want to be in the house anymore or play the game anymore because you think that they’re going to throw you out… I don’t get that at all… It’s all part of the game!

I don’t understand these nominations, why would Ari give them a chance to play for the Veto?  If she put Metta and Omarosa on the block there’s a chance that Shannon and James neither one would get to play in the Veto competition, now they have an opportunity to take one of them off the block, which means the other one goes home, but ,that doesn’t ensure that Shannon goes home.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

Celebrity Big Brother: Ari, James, & Shannon

James still thinks he’s running the house which is hilarious to me because he has no standing whatsoever in the house.  He has one person in his alliance and that’s Shannon and she’s headed out the door.

Celebrity Big Brother: Ari, James, & Shannon

Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 6
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Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 6
Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 6. Omarosa seems to no longer be public enemy number one. Shannon and James are on the block, Ari is the new HOH, Metta thinks he's on a different game show... it seems all is well in the Big Brother house, for now.....

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