Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 5

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The Most Boring Eviction EVER

Celebrity Big Brother:  Keshia & Omarosa On The Block

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Keshia or Omarosa from eviction? Plus, who will be the next celebrity evicted from the house?  Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1 Episode 5, Aired 2/12/2018

HA! Julie’s cough!  So perfect!

I’m not sure why they think that Omarosa is not a threat. It’s not her physicality, it’s her mouth.  That’s what they have to worry about with her.  The worry is that she is talking people into believing that she’s changed, talking people into coming on her side, talking up a another whole alliance.  You just don’t know, she’s too dangerous because of her mouth not because of her physicality.

Celebrity Big Brother Omarosa

Mark has got Omarosa’s number.  He even rolled his eyes while she was talking about how it’s not going to be okay, that she knows what’s going on in the White House yada, yada.  Which I’m sure she does, but, she’s got a tell all book coming out, y’all this is perfect publicity for it… Whether it’s true or not…

Okay so Keshia she wanted to go home because her breast milk is drying up while she’s there and she’s worried about her baby,. I get that, and she could have just quit… I mean if she was that concerned, she could have gone home the minute she saw that that was happening… She didn’t have to stay and compete and keep going and ask them to vote her out. But, whatever, Keshia goes home in the most boring eviction ever…

Celebrity Big Brother:  Omarosa & Keshia On The Block

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