Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 4

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Omarosa Does It Again… Fakes Injury On Reality Show

Celebrity Big Brother Omarosa

There are still 10 celebrities left in the game, find out who among them will rise to power in the next Head of Household competition and which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction.  Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1, Episode 4, Aired 2/11/2018

Oh good Lord, who does James think he is?!  Why is he saying that he had anything to do with getting Chuck out of the house?!  He’s so full of himself!

I really don’t see Keisha staying with Omarosa as a team. I think eventually, if they both stay in the house any length of time, Omarosa is going to turn on Keisha and she’s going to say …”whoa wait a minute…”.

So, you have a seven person alliance in the house against four guys that really had not made an alliance.  Now you have five people that flip the script within the original 7 person alliance and only two that were not a part of the flip, yet, these five are still afraid of the two!  They totally have the numbers, there’s no reason for them to be concerned whatsoever, yet they are still afraid of these two… They are hiding in the bedroom to keep from having to face them.

Celebrity Big Brother: Ari, Ross, Brandi, & Marissa In Bedroom

Okay, I’m beginning to believe Ross about Shannon… Shannon isn’t going to be long for this game… She just let Omarosa call her out in front of everybody and say we’re going to talk separately “…and you know why…” Insinuating that they had some side deal from everybody else that no one else knew about.  After they all agreed to go in there and talk as a group, Shannon bows down to Omarosa and and agrees when she says: “okay we’ll talk separately one-on one”.  She put a huge target on her back with her own alliance members.  You can’t do anything that makes anybody think about anything sideways.  They are all watching…  The only alliance that we saw they had was the 7 person alliance.  Shannon was the first person that Omarosa recruited, they didn’t have a second 2 person alliance…

Being in multiple alliances can be a good thing.  The problem is when people find out that you have been in multiple alliances and blow your game up, you’re no longer trusted.  So, you have to be super careful and I’m a little worried about Ross, right now.

Metta is some more kind of confused about where he is and what he’s doing there…

I don’t think I can yell at the TV anymore… Omarosa in the last 3 minutes before this competition starts has tried every strategy to make Shannon feel or look bad.  She bullied her to make her say out loud what her strategy was in the comp, she told everybody that Shannon was ganging up on her and being a bully, she told everybody that it was just to make Shannon look better on TV, she then told Shannon “oh, I just care about you, I don’t care about the game…” Omarosa cares about Omarosa.  She’s tried 15 ways in 30 seconds to get herself out of trouble before this comp starts.  She doesn’t care about anybody but herself, but, Shannon is weak.  I don’t even get how weak this girl is….

Okay, at this point you have to go back and watch Celebrity Apprentice, I believe season 1,where Omarosa faked being hurt by a small piece of falling plaster (that no one else saw happen, by the way), so that she didn’t have to participate… Because, I see it coming on… classic Omarosa.  She knows they’re all coming for her, so what does she do?  She fakes being sick so she doesn’t have to be in the competition anymore and she can blame her loss on being sick… Oh so very classic Omarosa.

Oh good Lord, I laughed out loud when Omarosa came back in the house and was in the diary room and said oh wait cough cough LOL she’s so not a good actress even…

Everyone is supposed to give a speech after noms.  If it were Omarosa’s turn and Ross stopped her… there would be a huge fight.

Three comps so far in this season, and Omarosa has participated in 1% of 1 … But she’s “excited about participating in the veto competition”, no I don’t think so…

Celebrity Big Brother:  Omarosa

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