Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 3

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Will The All Girl Alliance Hold Up?

Celebrity Big Brother:  Chuck & Mark On The Block

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Chuck or James from eviction? Plus, who will be the first celebrity evicted from the house?  Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1 Episode 3, Aired 2/9/2018

Well… That was kind of sneaky of Chuck right off the bat.  Keisha is telling him why she put him up on the block, and he said he felt like he would be on the block even if Shannon had remained HOH.  Then, he says she’s a good poker player and she’s good at putting seeds in people’s heads… I think Chuck just put a seed in Keisha’s head that Shannon is good at playing people.  …. sneaky, Chuck, sneaky…

Side note… I don’t think there’s ever been anyone else in the house that has pumped breast milk for their baby while they were in the house so it’s pretty cool that Keisha’s able to do that for her daughter.  Nice move, Big Brother!

Celebrity Big Brother Keisha Knight Pulliam

Omarosa and Keisha make a BGM alliance, after seeing Omarosa bully LaToya Jackson… Keisha might want to rethink that move…

I think Keisha is silent and deadly… I like her gameplay, though, when she called Mark aside and pointedly asked him questions and made him think… She is silent but deadly…

Celebrity Big Brother Keisha Questions Mark About The Veto Competition

It was fun that Julie let them hear news from the outside world that, too, is different from the regular seasons

So, here we go… here is Omarosa… It’s not okay for Shannon to think about her game because she has to think about everybody else, but, in the end Omarosa said it’s all about her own game and so she has to look out for herself, and she doesn’t believe that Shannon is looking out for her, so she has to watch her…. ummm, why can’t Shannon look out for herself? Because, it’s Omarosa’s rules…

Ross is dead on.  I was thinking about it before he said it.  What’s going to happen is one of two things, the alliance is going to get to 7 and then Ross is going to be the next one just because he’s a guy, however, I think the second thing that I’m going to say is what’s going to happen.  The second thing is that the girls are going to fall apart and someone’s going to latch on to Ross and he’s going to have a whole different alliance and I think that’s probably what’s going to happen.  He’s way smarter than people give him credit for in this game.

Ross was right to go to Shannon, if Shannon can’t stand up for herself there’s nothing he can do. But, Brandi sitting in that “meeting” and nodding along with everything Omarosa says and saying “right”… then in the diary room in front of the camera saying that she is not being played by Omarosa, yet she sits there and doesn’t say a word… I think you kind of are….

Wow… I didn’t think Shannon had it in her to not use the Veto.  I thought she was afraid of Omarosa and Keisha, but, she did a good thing for her.  I hope she never tells Omarosa that Ross is the one who told her that because Omarosa will go for Ross hard.

However, this will make Omarosa’s true colors come out.  She will accuse everyone of everything before it’s over.  Her theory is the loudest one that doesn’t shut up first wins…  did you see the video I posted in Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 2 where she went after La Toya Jackson?  She is a bully – eventually I think Keisha will pull away or she’ll sink her own game being tied to Omarosa.

The first Celebrity Blind Side and Chuck goes home, oh, I’m so rooting for Ross.

Celebrity Big Brother:  Chuck & Mark On The Block

Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 3
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Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 3
Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 3. This all girls alliance looks like it is in trouble. Look for Omarosa to start some mess over this, she hates to lose and she's super loud and will accuse everyone of everything...

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