Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 2

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Marisa’s Sneaky Move & Don’t Trust Omarosa

Celebrity Big Brother James & Chuck Fist Bump To The Celebrators Alliance

The Houseguests learn more about the game changing gift bag twist. Will the recast power dethrone Shannon? With nominations looming, which celebrities will be targeted?  Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 2, Aired 2/9/2018

The swag bags having a possible Recast power could be a game changer.  The guys are way down in numbers.  I don’t think this girls alliance will last any time, but, the guys could take over the HOH from Shannon and make a good starting move.

The celebrators, really guys…? The worst. name. ever.  lol

I am not a California girl, so I’m guessing that they have a weight room in this house because they can’t go outside maybe because of the weather or maybe because celebrities are being pampered… Because I thought California was good weather all year round. LOL

Celebrity Big Brother James, Metta World Peace, and Chuck in the gym

I don’t generally agree with Brandi, but, I don’t like James either.  He’s pretty cocky or he has a super dry sense of humor… Because normally a dry sense of humor I pick up pretty easily, but, I think he’s super cocky, full of himself, and quite conceited.

So, the element that’s taken out of the game by having the celebs in the house is that there are no people coming into the house looking for a showmance.  Now they always say they aren’t looking for a showmance, but, almost every season they hook up pretty quickly in pairs.  This house, because it’s full of celebs, are not looking to date anyone so they didn’t come in looking at people.  That first night when they let the people in the house in the regular season they are all talking in the diary room saying “I think that one’s cute, this one is so good-looking, can’t believe how good that one is”, they’re looking for someone.  These people aren’t, so, it changes everything, that’s why you can do an all girls alliance here because they’re not interested in the guys.

The only way the guys can screw up the girls alliance at this point is, to turn the girls against each other, and I’m not sure anybody knows how to do that on the guy’s side of the house.  However, left to their own devices the women could just start turning on themselves.  But, really there are only 4 guys to get out before they make it down to Ross…  So 5 evictions in and they have to start cannibalizing themselves, so, they will begin to realize that way before 5…

James lied to Shannon about being in a guy’s alliance and told her she was one of the best players – which to her equals him calling her a threat, so, I pretty much think that sealed his fate with her, and then Mark – she didn’t like the fact that he said she was a threat.  I think Mark just meant she was one of the better players, but, she took it as more than that.

I do not think Metta World Peace has ever even watched this show before.  He seems to have no clue how it works.  lol  But, I guess they’d better stay out of his way if he figures it out!

Ok, so I guess we have to talk about Omarosa and her “talk”.  If you don’t know her, she has to be right, she has to be the first in history at everything.  I have heard her call herself the first Reality TV Star in history and so on… she is super manipulative as seen on The Apprentice more than once.

So, this discussion she has in the HOH room with Shannon and Keisha, she turns everything on Keisha when it gets hot on her… She pretty much defends her relationship with President Trump and her time in the White House to Keisha and Shannon… THEN in another room with Ross, who is kind, compassionate, and caring (but, she doesn’t know how smart he is…), she decides to play on his sympathy and cry about her relationship with Trump and her time in the White House and get him on her side as she says the world is going to end under this President…(I may have paraphrased there, but, you get the idea…).  She is playing the game 24/7 and no one better trust a word out of her mouth.

And that’s what I love about Ross LOL he makes me laugh! He’s doing investigative journalism with Omarosa. And Omarosa is all things to all people she is telling Ross what she thinks he wants to hear so that she can endear herself to him.  If you look close – there is not ONE tear.. Not ONE…

Oooohhhh sneaky Marissa, nice move!  Not asking to open your gift bag but making it look like you did.  The funny and sneaky thing about it is that she was the one who went to Shannon and said it would be best if we all opened our bags… Nice move!

So Keisha won the recast so the bag thing is over.

Celebrity Big Brother Keisha Holds The Recast Power At The Nomination Ceremony

She nominates Chuck and James, The Celebrators… I told you – worst name ever!  lol

Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 2
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Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 2
Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 2. The Celebrators Alliance - that didn't last long! lol This episode was jam-packed from Marissa's fake out in the diary room, to Omarosa trying to pull the wool over Ross' eyes, it was on! The girls alliance seems strong, I guess we'll see...

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