Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 10

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A New Alliance Has Been Formed, But, Will It Last?

Celebrity Big Brother Ross, James Mark, Marissa

There are now seven celebrities left in the game, find out who will become the new Head of Household and which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction.  Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1, Episode 10, Aired 2/21/2018

Good Lord the names they went through to get this team name!  lol  Team Rad Sauce, The Survivors, Bro Code, Beastmode, Squad Goals, The Gremlins, Sexy Gremlins, Team Sloppy Seconds, Beastmode,  Deez Nuts, Team Roommates, Team Roomies, Team Roomie Squad ding ding ding we have a winner, folks!  It ‘s not a bad name… lol

So, it looks like to make this safe for Ross it needs to be:  Marissa, Ari, and Ross as a final 3.  Otherwise, Marissa is just confused about life right now….

It shocks me every time, after how many days of being in the house together, that anyone believes anything that ever comes out of Omarosa’s mouth.  She is a game player, she is a manipulator, she is a liar.  Plain and simple.  Before she came in the house those were well-established facts, now that they’ve been in the house with her, why in the world would you ever believe anything that came out of her mouth?!  I am so confused…

It’s so cool how Mark and James help Ross get to the end of his carpet on the red carpet challenge.  I am sure things have changed since high school…

Celebrity Big Brother: Mark & James Cheer Ross On As He Climbs The Red Carpet

The times between James and Mark and Brandy are so ridiculous. The guy’s got it in less than 2 minutes and Brandi got it and almost 7 minutes LOL

Celebrity Big Brother Red Carpet Times

James throws the HOH to Mark.

Mark puts Brandi and Ari on the chopping block, and he said that he heard through the grapevine that Brandi had been wanting to put him up all along.

Celebrity Big Brother Brandi & Ari On The Nomination Wall

Now, did he really hear that or was he just saying that?  Or did Omarosa tell him that?  Because if I’m Omarosa told him that, then there’s room for them to get him to flip on her when everyone tells him that that was never part of the plan.

Celebrity Big Brother Marissa, Mark, James, Ross

Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 10
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Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 10
Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 10. Things are certainly heating up as we speed into the end of this season! If they don't hurry and get James and Omarosa out it's going to be bad for everyone else in the house! Who are you rooting for at this point?

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