Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 1

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First All Girls Alliance?

Celebrity Big Brother First All Girls Alliance

Eleven celebrities from all walks of life including an NBA champion, a UFC legend, a Tony Award-winning actress, a chart-topping musician, a model, a television personality and a TV host, among others enter the house to compete for the $250,000 grand prize. Celebrity Big Brother, Season 1, Episode 1, Aired 2/7/2018

OH!  I am so excited and have been waiting for this!  I LOVE Big Brother!  Getting a winter does this year is just so fun!

I TRIED to watch the UK version – I got through 3 episodes… I just could not take it!  It was the worst thing I had ever seen!  NOTHING Like our normal version.  So, I was thrilled to see that they are running this celeb version much more like the regular one we do here instead of the UK version.

First things first if you aren’t subscribed to the live feeds – now is your chance!  I subbed a few years ago and I love it.  I love The Good Fight, and the new Star Trek is there, too.  Plus, you can get a FREE trial!  Just click the image below to get started for FREE!

Don’t miss anything make sure to get the live feeds so you can see all the behind the scenes things that don’t make it into the show.  It really gives you insight to how they interact far beyond what is shown on the show.

Celebrity Big Brother Cast Photo

Mark McGrath, Shannon Elizabeth, Metta World Peace, Brandi Glanville, James Maslow, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Ross Mathews, Omarosa Manigault, Chuck Lidell, Ariadna Gutierrez

So, my quick rundown on the contestants:

I have loved Ross since he played Jay Leno’s Intern on the Tonight Show, he’s just a fun person – light and airy, but, compassionate.  Brandi Glanville – out of control, she doesn’t know when to shut up or stop drinking – she and Omarosa may clash.  Omarosa – all about the cameras and super competitive.  That’s it for my rundown, as I don’t really know much about the others.

I do think they are treating the celebs a bit better!  Did you see that they actually had a place to stand in this first comp?!  LOL The regular season contestants would not have been pampered so much!  lol  But, so far so good!

Celebrity Big Brother: Contestants Hanging On To Statues In First Challenge

The first interesting thing I find is that they’re going to let them keep the money, they’re not playing for charity, they’re playing for themselves.  I don’t think I’ve seen a celebrity show where they get the money, so this is a first as far as I know.  The prize is $250,000.

Okay, it’s so funny that James is offended by Brandi and asked Mark if she can’t hold her liquor… ummm… that’s how she got “famous”… not being able to hold her liquor .. LOL

I don’t think James is long for this game if what Brandi did set him off.  He’s working with his feelings on his sleeve and that will get you out fast.  He should have just told her what he thought – that’s how she operates and it’s how people can get through to her.

Oh good… Omarosa:  “I’m also going to do something that’s never ever, ever, ever, in the history of Big Brother been done before… An all-girls alliance…” What show has she been watching?

Celebrity Big Brother: Omarosa sitting on a bed

She has to be the “first in history” for everything.  Big Brother 18 – Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte “The Spy Girls” would be shocked to hear there’s never been a girl’s alliance on Big Brother before.

It appears that Marissa and Shannon aren’t near as close as Marissa thought they were, because Shannon already exposed their “secret” friendship to Omarosa within the first hour, it seems!

Omarosa and Shannon are playing too fast and furious.  Shannon’s talking to Brandi and she doesn’t even know Brandi.  Brandi is a wild card…

It would have been fun seeing Omarosa hanging on that statue, though.  She doesn’t like physical things, she faked her way out of some physical tasks on The Apprentice, years ago.

Ha!  They don’t get safety goggles on the normal seasons of Big Brother LOL  They are pampering these celebs, for sure!

The Celebrity Apprentice Ross In The First HOH Competition

It was fun to see past contestants come out and perform for the celebrity’s in the competition!

First HOH goes to Shannon Elizabeth!

Celebrity Big Brother: First All Girls Alliance

Celebrity Big Brother:  Episode 1
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Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 1
Celebrity Big Brother: Episode 1. We met the contestants, already had some drama, Omarosa formed the "first" all girls alliance in Big Brother history... and a new HOH was crowned! Can't wait for Episode 2!

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