Apps That Make You Money

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Apps That Make You Money

If you're looking for ways to save money or earn a little extra cash along the way, these apps are definitely must have! 

Did you know your phone can do more than text and take pictures?  It can actually make you money!  It is super easy to make money with your cell phone or mobile device?

There are SO many apps that make you money and that are designed to save you money, too.  All you have to do is download and use them.

These are the best money saving apps I have used.  I have several I use weekly, you can download them and have them making you money in no time!

Let’s look at some of the ones I would suggest getting started with now, and before you know it you’ll be on your way to making money with your phone.

To try any of the apps I explain below, just click on the app name and it will take you to where you can get it on your mobile device.

Make sure you read each app’s FAQ’s carefully, you’ll want to make sure you understand how to use them correctly so you don’t lose out on any money.

Many of them help you make money back on your shopping.  Just shop as you normally would and when you are putting your items away at home you’ll scan your receipt and maybe a barcode or two, wait for your purchases to be verified, and watch the money start rolling in.  Some of the apps pay immediately and some require you to accumulate $5 or $10 before they pay.

You can also use many of the apps on the same purchases and the same receipt so if two or three of the apps have an offer on the same item you can usually redeem all of them and make even more money.

Don’t go shopping again before you check out these apps that make you money:

Save & Earn Money



I LOVE this one for saving & earning money!  You can get money back on purchases at tons of grocery stores!  You just download ibotta on your mobile device and choose the saving offers you want and then after you purchase them, just take a picture of your receipt and they deposit the money in your ibotta account!  You can cash out once you get $20 in your account.  You can get your money in Paypal or donate to any school in the U.S. or to the United Way!

Checkout 51
Checkout 51 can be used with Ibotta and Shopmium, too!  I love that they can all be used together and sometimes you can double or triple your savings that way!  With this one you get cash back from products you purchase at grocery or drug stores!  Just download it on your mobile device, choose the offers you want and once you purchase them, you take a picture and upload it to get your money deposited in your account, once your account balance reaches $20, you can cash out and they will mail you a check!


This is much like the others.  It will work with others as a “stack”, so you can use it and Savingstar, and Ibotta, and Checkout51, etc.!  This makes for even MORE :fr: items and overage!  You can shop at any store you like, upload your receipt, and request your money.  There is no minimum with this one, you can request any amount of money you have in your account at anytime and it will be added to your Paypal account within 24 hours!  This one is good for iOS and Android users.

Receipt Pal

I love this one, all you have to do is scan your receipts and it gives you points toward gift cards.  It will allow any receipt for anything.  You can even connect it to your email and it will give you credit for any receipts you receive in your email.  There is a waiting list for this one.

Savings Catcher

This one does all of the ad matching so you don’t have to at Walmart.  It matches your receipt to all of your local stores and then gives you back the difference if they find it for less somewhere else!  You can transfer your money to an egift card to be used in store or online at Walmart!


You can purchase products they have offers for and you get the coupon amount given back to you in your account.  This is another one you can use to save up your earnings for anytime of year!

Receipt Hog
Just take pictures of your grocery receipts, and Receipt Hog will pay you. It’s that simple. And if you submit receipts regularly, you can earn spins at the “Hog Slots” slot machine, where you can win more money or even have your entire shopping trip paid for! It’s fun, easy, and free.

Plus, if you use this referral code, we’ll both get extra spins at the Hog Slots when you submit your first receipt: fript141

Berry Cart
This one is for all your healthy food!  It is a cash-back mobile rebate app that gives you money back when you buy healthy foods that are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, etc.


This one I use all the time – it has coupons for me wherever I go!  I can look at it before we choose a restaurant and find a great coupon or for entertainment or even discounts at retail stores!  I love it!

Valpak Local Coupons

This one you all know – you get those blue packets of coupons and local offers in the mail.  Well, now you can get and search for those local offers and more with this app!


This one is great for making your lists!  You can check out your local stores matchups and make your list on your mobile device and then email it to yourself to print the coupons!  You can also search for the best price on any items at your local stores.  I love that feature, so when i need something like Milk – I can search for the best deal on milk and then ad match that price at Walmart!  How easy is that?!

Gas Buddy

We NEVER travel without using Gas Buddy to plan our trip.  We have driven to NYC, Florida, San Diego, Colorado, and many other places and we use Gas Buddy every time.  All you do is tell Gas Buddy where you’re going, what kind of vehicle you’ll be driving and it will estimate how much gas money you need to set aside to make the trip!  PLUS, it will plot your course and tell you where and when to get gas to save the most on your trip.  It might even have you stop and get 5 gallons of gas just to get to the next best place to buy more.  It’s really one of the best apps for travel I have ever seen.

Earn Money


You can earn money with your phone by playing a spinning game!  That’s it, just spin the wheel and earn anywhere from $0.05 per spin all the way to $10!  You get free spins to us, but, if you run out all you have to do is watch ads to gain more spins.  They let you cash out to Paypal once you reach $25.  They also hold live events where you can earn cash and prizes, too,  Follow them on social media to get free spins every day, too.  You can also earn cash when your friends and family sign up withy our referral code.  You can use my referral code to get started:  EQ5J1A


This one pays you for online tasks or tasks in brick and mortar stores.  They might ask you to go to a specific local store and take pictures of a specific display so they can make sure it looks right and is stocked well.  They pay you for doing these tasks and you can add your Paypal account to receive your payouts.  Right now when you use promo code:  MAY1117 you’ll get a $0.50 bonus on your first task.


This one is like Rewardable except all of the tasks are offline.  They will ask you to go to a store and take pictures of a display or check something for them.  The directions and clear and laid out very well.  The pay is higher for tasks with this one, too.  Again you cash out with your Paypal account.

Make a few bucks for that movie opening this weekend, or make an extra paycheck: it’s up to you. Gigwalk is changing the future of work by enabling people to find jobs in their area whenever and wherever it is most convenient to them. To become a Gigwalker, simply download the app! Gigwalkers can immediately begin accepting Gigs from leading organizations and get paid for the jobs they complete.

Google Opinions Rewards

I love using this one, the surveys take seconds and they pay you with Google Play credits to take them.

Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by the Google Surveys team.

Getting started is easy. Download the app and answer basic questions about yourself. We’ll then send you surveys around once a week, although it may be more or less frequent. You’ll get a notification on your phone when a short and relevant survey is ready for you, and can receive up to $1.00 in Play credit for completing it. Questions can range from, “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?”

Helpful Apps


This one allows you to put all of your store rewards cards in it and you can just pull up the barcode for your cards on your phone and the cashier can scan it.
It also works for library cards, your gym, even places like Famous Footwear.  It has most of the popular stores already listed and you just scan your cards with a barcode scanner (see below)!

Whether you’re at the grocery store, making your travel plans online, or visiting your local gym, don’t get caught without your membership cards again.

Lighten your load and get rid of all that plastic baggage — scan your cards from your smartphone device with CardStar!

Barcode Scanner

This is handy!  First of all you can use it to scan in all your cards for the app above.  You can scan products in the store and get more info on them and even pricing at other stores!  A lot of places now have QR codes which are black and white squares with a lot of small boxes in them that a barcode scanner can read and automatically take you to a specific websites embedded in the QR code!

If you’re looking for ways to save money or earn a little extra cash along the way, these apps are definitely must have!

What are your favorite apps?

If you're looking for ways to save money or earn a little extra cash along the way, these apps are definitely must have! 

Apps That Make You Money
Article Name
Apps That Make You Money
If you're looking for ways to save money or earn a little extra cash along the way, these apps are definitely must have! 


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