11 Back To School Shopping Tips To Save Your Money And Your Sanity

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11 Back To School Shopping Tips To Save Your Money And Your SanityBack To School shopping is time consuming & stressful. Here are some ways to cut the stress & help save money while filling that back to school shopping list.


Shopping for school supplies can be expensive when you only have 1 to shop for, but when you have multiple it can be as expensive as Christmas!  They have been watching TV all summer and being inundated with all of the latest MUST HAVE clothes, backpacks, notebooks all with the coolest and their favorite characters on them!  Putting their favorite character on them makes the price sky rocket, too!

Just trying to afford what they want, let alone finding what they all want, while filling a classroom supplies shopping list that the teacher gave you is exhausting and can be extremely costly!

There are ways to cut down on those costs and make it a lot less stressful and expensive.  Let’s take a look at some ways to navigate the whole back to school thing:

Start At Home:

Many of the supplies needed are office supplies and we normally have those already.  First, send the kids looking for all of their old leftover supplies, and any that you have around the house.  Then you can make a list and know exactly what you’ll need to purchase.

Stock up:

Hubby and I are avid coupon shoppers and as such we know how to stock up when the price is at it’s very lowest.  If you wait until the back to school sales start or until it’s “time” to buy your school supplies, they will most likely be at their highest price.  Shop all year for the best back to school deals and stock up with bulk school supplies to cut down on what you’ll need at the beginning of the school year and it will help to make your back to school shopping less stressful.  Plus, you’ll have plenty to last throughout the school year as well.

Take Advantage Of Coupons:

There are so many coupons out there in the Sunday paper, printables, digitals, plus many apps you can use to get the costs down quite a bit and often get them for free.  Remember to wait for that rock bottom price on those school supply items and then grab your coupons and stock up!

Shop For Rewards:

This one is good for Back To School shopping as well as the holidays!  Shop at places that offer rewards and then save them up!  Save your Extra Care Bucks from CVS (at my stores they never expire, check with your store), Register Rewards at Walgreens, and Gift Cards at Target!  With the drug store rewards, learn how to roll them to keep them current and even get higher rewards!  You can also buy reduced priced gift cards from places like Card Cash, people sell them their unwanted gift cards and you can buy them for less than what they are worth!

Wait It Out:

The kids want all the best fun and cute stuff they see and they think their friends will have.  But, after that first couple of days of school, that may all change.  Then they will be begging for something else.  Also, waiting allows you to wait for the school supplies to go on sale.  After school starts is when they drop the prices on what’s left, so bide your time to get the best deal.

Watch The End Of Sumner Clearance Sales:

Most stores have end of summer clearance sales, there are quite a few things that kids can wear year round, so check out those sales and snatch up what they can use even into the winter.

Keep An Eye Out Online:

There are great online sales that beat in store sales, too.  When shopping for back to school outfits, be sure to check out places like Schoola, the clothes are gently worn, are a lot less expensive, and the proceeds go to help schools!  They give 40% back to the school of your choice.  They often have free shipping and they give you $10 when you sign up and $10 for each person you refer (after they sign up and make their first purchase).  You can even donate clothes, too!

Tax Free Holiday Shopping:

Always make sure you know when your tax free holiday is and budget to have money ready for that date.  Many stores have great sales to coincide with this holiday making even sweeter buys!

Use Price Matching:

Many stores allow you to price match other local stores as well as price match online.  If you find a better deal at a local store or online, they will give you that same deal.  That saves time and gas!  So be sure to find the stores in your area that do and save yourself time, gas, ad headaches by doing all your shopping in one store.

Garage Sales:

Garage sales and thrift stores are great places to find great deals on clothes and other items, so be sure to check those out all summer.  No one wants to think about going back to school during summer vacation, but, it can be the best time to get started!
Find The Best Deals:
The easiest way to find the best deals is to sign up for the Grocery Shop For FREE daily email, it’s free, and each week you’ll find the best Back To School Deals, so you’ll always know when and where to shop for the best bargains!
Do you have other ways that you save money on Back To School shopping?  Please share them in the comments!
Back To School shopping is time consuming & stressful. Here are some ways to cut the stress & help save money while filling that back to school shopping list.

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